Jenelle Evans Arrested For 13th Time In 5 Years: Find Out What ‘Teen Mom’ Star Did To Nathan Griffith’s New Gal Pal

Jenelle Evans, the 23-year-old star of Teen Mom 2, has been arrested again. Jenelle was charged with third-degree assault, reported Myrtle Beach Online.

When Horry County police arrived at the Myrtle Beach home after an assault was reported, they investigated the victim’s claim that she had been injured when Evans hurled a drinking glass at her head. The 29-year-old woman also revealed that she was at the home because she was with her boyfriend and he was there to pick up his belongings. Jenelle used to date the same young man, Nathan Griffith.

After the third-degree assault charge, Evans went to the J. Reuben Detention Center for a bond hearing.

Jenelle’s most recent arrest prior to throwing the drinking glass occurred on May 28. That arrest included a charge of criminal domestic violence based on her former boyfriend Griffith’s report that Evans had assaulted him. Nathan, 27, sought a restraining order.

In his report of what happened, Griffith said that Jenelle had telephoned him and asked him to step outside his home. Nathan said she had an odor of alcohol and that they had a verbal battle after which she hit him, kicked him, clawed him, and scratched him.

After Griffith succeeded in returning to his apartment, Evans allegedly screamed through the closed door that he would not give back her son and that Nathan had her phone.

Other reported arrests include one for driving without a license and one for breaching the peace.

Jenelle has become famous through her appearances on Teen Mom, detailing the lives of women go through pregnancy and raising children at young ages.

Us Weekly reports that the most recent charges mark Evans’ 13th arrest in five years.

Jenelle Evans was arrested again.
Jenelle Evans was arrested again.

Evans has two children, but has not succeeded in regaining custody of 6-year-old Jace who is with her mother Barbara.

As for the latest arrest, the Teen Mom 2 star’s lawyer Amy Lawrence revealed that Jenelle has requested that Griffith’s girlfriend not come near her house.

“It’s my understanding that Nathan was asked to come get some of his things and that [Evans] would leave them at the end of the driveway so that there would be no need to have interaction between the two of them. And Jenelle had requested that he not bring his new girlfriend and he said that’s fine.”

However, when Evans saw Nathan outside her house with his new girlfriend, she called and requested that he leave. Jenelle said that Griffith hung up the phone, at which point she walked out with the glass of water in her hand.

After arguing, Evans saw the girlfriend begin to leave the car, and so she threw the water as well as the glass.

[Photo by Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images; Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]