Wives React To Finding Their Husbands’ Names, Emails In Ashley Madison Hacked List

Now that so many millions of names have been exposed in the Ashley Madison hacking, and more people are learning how to discover those names, the fallout from the potential infidelity or curiosity cruising is having wide-reaching effects. Sadly, there has reportedly been the first suicide committed by an Ashley Madison user who appeared with his City of San Antonio email work address on the exposed list. He died Thursday.

It isn’t only those exposed on the list of names from the Ashley Madison hacking that are experiencing trauma and confessing online. As reported by the Telegraph, an Ashley Madison situation exploding inside a marriage affects the wives, children, and the entire household and beyond based on how it is handled. And plenty of those cuckolded men and cheated-upon women are venting online as well after the Ashley Madison hacking as they uncover the names of significant others online.

One popular place to witness how wives and husbands are coping is on the Surviving Infidelity forum, where women and men are discussing everything from how to find their spouse’s name in the data dump to how to handle it after their name is discovered in the Ashley Madison leak.

Using terms like “D Day” to distinguish the “discovery day” or days they discovered their mate’s affair to others like “PA” for “physical affair” and “EA” for emotional affair, the community of those who’ve experienced the heartbreak of adultery is helpful in letting the forum participants lean on one another for advice and wisdom.

Some wives report that the whole Ashley Madison scandal has triggered them now that the list has been made public. Although certain wives may have found out about their husband’s participation on Ashley Madison and worked to forgive him years ago, many of them report only speaking to a few people about the affair — perhaps a mother, close friend or counselor. Now their fear of more people, including children, finding out about the adultery has caused them brand new waves of emotions.

Other women on the forum are asking practical questions, such as how to access the Ashley Madison list of names — or what to do after initially finding their husband’s email address via the Ashley Madison data dump search engines online. Some consider paying Trustify to uncover more hard evidence of any Ashley Madison participation, such as transaction info, credit card transaction dates and amounts, etc. The wives advise each other to gain irrefutable proof of any Ashley Madison participation before accusing their husbands of cheating.

From advice on installing keylogger programs to emotional support and divorce advice to help on how to forgive and rebuild a marriage after a breach of trust like the Ashley Madison hacking has exposed, the cheated upon are turning online to get help.

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