All About Odd Day: 05/07/09

Feeling odd? You’re not alone. Today, 05/07/09, is worldwide Odd Day, an event that happens only six times a century when a date consists of three consecutive odd numbers. Odd Day first occurred in this century on 01/03/05.

Odd Day: What to Do?

So what’s one to do on Odd Day, other than generally being awed and saying lots of “oohs” and “ahhs”? The folks over at the official Odd Day Web site have some suggestions:

It’s a great day to do your odds ‘n ends, give a friend a high-five, root for the odds-on-favorite, read the Wizard of Odds, watch the Odd Couple, say aaaahd in the doctor’s office, look for sea odders, find that missing odd sock, and beat the odds.

If those things don’t strike your fancy, you can always just talk about how awesome it is to have odd conversations about Odd Day. Try to work in as many “ahhh” sounds as you can — it’s far more fun that way.

Odd Day Contest

Extremely odd behavior could win you the odd sum of $579. The odds may be against you, but hey — it’s worth a shot. will hand out the cash to the largest and oddest “parade of odd characters,” as well as to the people who writes the best “odd ode” and comes up with the most creative Odd Day celebrations. Head over to to learn more.

For some inspiration, we leave you with this Odd ode, written by the oddballs at

As Odd as it is, the day will be fine,
You see, it’s the numbers 5,7, and 9.
Three odds in a row to tell you the date,
We’ve only three more, then a 90-year wait.

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