Kentucky Man Digs Up Dad’s Corpse To Argue With It

A Kentucky man is accused of digging up the corpse of his dead father, and the reason why is making headlines. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Michael May was caught in the act by a police constable, who was alerted to his presence when he noticed his truck parked in front of a cemetery late at night. What he caught the man doing was nothing short of strange.

Lincoln County Constable Delbert Mitchell says that he caught May digging up the grave of his father using both a shovel and a pickax. When the officer started questioning the 44-year-old Kentucky man, he began yelling bible verses while declaring that he was trying to dig up the deceased man so he could “go to heaven.” That’s not all, he reportedly wanted to chat with his father about his life leading up to his death.

“Daddy didn’t do things right. He needs to be on the ground. Not under it.”

Loved ones of the Kentucky man say that his actions weren’t part of his normal behavior. LEX18 News reports that the Constable who arrested him is also an acquaintance of his, and he also states that this behavior was out of the ordinary for him. He was possibly under the influence of drugs, which was allegedly confirmed when he was found to have marijuana in his possession. Michael May has been charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance along with marijuana possession. He was also charged with a count of violating a grave.

This is not the first time someone has made media headlines by digging up a grave — and many of the details of these cases are far more disturbing than the actions for which Michael May was arrested. In 2006, three young Wisconsin men were busted for digging up the grave of a deceased young woman so that they could all take turns having sex with her corpse. The 20-year-old woman died in a fatal car accident several days before she was dug up and reportedly sexually assaulted.

Most recently, the body of a Texas woman by the name of Julie Mott was reportedly stolen from her casket in a funeral home just hours after her funeral. Authorities in San Antonio have been looking for her body since last week. The motive behind the possible theft of her body remains unknown at this time, but reports have indicated that the woman has been dead since August 8 after losing her battle with cystic fibrosis.

[Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff mugshot]