Sheena Zanghi: Mom Who Kept Kids In Hellish Mobile Home Now Wants ‘God’s Will’ To Decide Her Fate

Sheena Zanghi, a 24-year-old mom of four, took a plea deal early this month and agreed to admit to keeping her children in the horrifying and subhuman living conditions that sheriff’s deputies found in her mobile home when they busted her, along with her 37-year-old husband Vincent Zanghi, late last year in Henry County, Indiana.

But at a court hearing last week, the mom said she no longer wanted to plead guilty. Instead, she wanted a full trial where she would be able to testify and tell her story in her own words.

If she goes through with it, that story is certain to be bizarre and disturbing to say the least. As reported by the Inquisitr in early August, the conditions to which she subjected her four small children were unfit for any human, much less for children.

“It wasn’t fit for anyone to live there. There was no water, no plumbing, no heat, windows were broken out. It was bug-infested,” Henry County Sheriff Butch Baker said earlier this month.

A 14-month-old little girl was found with what deputies described as an “extensive” skull fracture — an injury that had been left untreated. The two youngest children, twins born prematurely, shared one crib, which was soaked though with urine.

The two older children shared a mold-covered mattress, and rusty nails protruded from walls and around the trailer’s broken windows.

Three of the children were so badly malnourished that they suffered from “poor brain growth,” which could result in possible developmental disorders. The children were found to have numerous cuts and bruises, injuries that Sheena Zanghi claimed were inflicted by the family’s pit bull puppies.

The trailer had no electricity, running water, or working plumbing.

Vincent Zanghi took a plea deal and was sentenced last week to one year behind bars — though each of the four counts to which he admitted could have carried an 18-month sentence on its own.

But Sheena Zanghi, in a separate court appearance, told a judge that she wanted to cancel the plea bargain she had earlier made with prosecutors, and face a trial rather than plead guilty to the child neglect charges.

When the judge told her that if she is found guilty at trial, her sentence will likely be more severe than under a plea agreement, she responded, “If that’s what God’s will is.”

The mobile home of horrors where Sheena and Vincent Zanghi kept their children has since been torn down.

[Images: Henry County Sheriff’s Department]