Must-See Happiest Video Moments: 38 Beagles Used In Animal Testing Running Free On Grass For First Time [Video]

Nothing is sweeter than seeing happy puppies exploring the outside for the first time. The videotape below captures the first moments beagles who lived a horrible existence as laboratory test animal discover what it feels like to have soft grass under their feet and the bright sun in their face, breathing fresh outdoor air. These 38 beagles spent their entire lives living in laboratory cages as test animals, never experiencing freedom or kindness as beloved pets do. Instead, they had a horrific existence. That’s why watching their pure joy exploring what other dogs take for granted is so much fun. They romp with abandon and play with each other for the first time. They feel the softness of a cozy bed, rather than a metal cage, for the first time. The Beagle Freedom Project managed this multi-state rescue of poor souls who will find loving homes, according to Elite Daily.

The world is a new, curious experience to these beagles of various ages.

The Beagle Freedom Project is devoted to rescuing beagles who were used in animal experimentation. The Project collected the dogs from laboratories from 12 states and gave them an identity that they never had before, naming them prior to their re-homing. It was a rescue of historic proportions, according to Metro. A spokesman for the Project stated the following.

“Beagles of all ages and emotional temperament were greeted with a new chance at life, new opportunities to trust and heal, and unconditional love and patience from the best families we could find….Each dog in each of the rescues approached these new freedoms and the whole big world in front of them with a cautious, but excited, bewilderment. Many of the beagles bound out of their cages with exuberance, so excited to finally run, play, sniff, pee, and be the silly little dogs they are meant to be. A few of the others however have a tougher road ahead of them, still clearly suffering the effects of PTSD….These sweet scared little beagles flinch at the sight of a human hand and cuddle together for security in corners. With time, patience, and unconditional love thought, they will recover.”

Beagle Freedom Project--freed beagles, Photo Courtesy Freedom Beagle Project Facebook Page

Of course, it is also heart-wrenching thinking about the lives they lived before and about those left behind. But with loving, caring homes that will rehabilitate them and help them overcome their difficult pasts, the beagles will hopefully live the lives that cherished canines have. They will have to get used to everyday sights and sounds. And, with time, their tortured past should be just that — the past — and they will then heal emotionally and physically.

Recently, a new puppy farm was approved in Britain where beagles will be bred solely for animal testing, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photos Courtesy Beagle Freedom Project’s Facebook Page and Video Courtesy YouTube]