Undertaker Versus Brock Lesnar May Not Live Up To The ‘SummerSlam’ Hype

The Undertaker seeks his long-awaited revenge against Brock Lesnar this Sunday night at WWE’s SummerSlam. It is a rematch of one of the most stunning bouts in the history of wrestling entertainment. Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar II is the most ballyhooed wrestling match in quite some time, before you get giddy, curb your enthusiasm for just a bit. SummerSlam’s main event could turn out to be a huge letdown.

The WWE plans to put on a big showcase for their annual summer extravaganza. Looking for big names taking on other big names? SummerSlam has that, and it is exclusive to subscribers of the WWE Network. That is a rarity given that SummerSlam is one of the four major pay-per-view events the WWE puts out yearly. There are two matches which warrants main event status, United States champ John Cena versus World Champion Seth Rollins, for both titles and the previously mentioned Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar rematch.

Fans can expect fireworks from both matches, but the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar showdown might not live up to its potential.

Both Undertaker and Lesnar can put on legendary performances. As icons of their respective generations their names carried their first meeting with each other during last year’s WrestleMania 30. The last time Undertaker and Brock Lesnar met in the ring it was a back and forth match until Undertaker suffered an apparent injury. Lesnar went on to stop “The Deadman,” ending his undefeated WrestleMania streak in the process. Sunday night’s match should be good, but it cannot live up to its promise.

As legendary basketball star Charles Barkley often reminds us, “father time is undefeated.”

A 50-year-old Undertaker is not as nimble as he once was. Unless he has found the fountain of youth, he is going to lumber around for stretches of what will be a lengthy match. As the mobility goes, so does the strength. The Undertaker appears to be in great shape, you cannot discount the rigors that take place inside the ropes. Brock Lesnar is already a tough obstacle to overcome, add to that ‘Taker’s age, the body can only handle but so much punishment. This will be a slow match with Undertaker not being on the receiving end of many German suplexes.


People who discredit wrestling entertainment, calling it fake, they never understand what toll wrestling takes on the body. The Undertaker has been part of many wars in the past. He cannot possibly be the same athlete. Fans will see flashes of the wrestler they remember. You will be able to witness the powerful tombstone pile driver, along with other signature Undertaker moves. The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar match will still be huge, but sadly in moderation.

How big is this year’s SummerSlam?

Well, ESPN is getting involved. Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman gets to return to his roots. According to Wrestling Zone, Coachman will provide SummerSlam coverage throughout the weekend on ESPN television.


Brock Lesnar was on SportsCenter earlier in the week to promote his match with Undertaker.

Lesnar made his presence felt the day he arrived at ESPN headquarters. In a story by Wrestling Inc, Brock Lesnar arrived to the studio and worked as security.

As refreshing as it is to see the WWE get the just publicity for SummerSlam, the gamble means that the risk of a lackluster show is great.

The card is filled with interesting matchups, including the main events of The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar and John Cena against Seth Rollins. Surprisingly, each match has received the proper amount of promotion necessary to carry the show. The strength of the SummerSlam will rest on the broad shoulders of Undertaker and Lesnar. If this match turns out to be a flop, the show will crash.

Sadly, The Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar will not be perfection. Again, “father time is undefeated,” and that streak is greater than Undertaker’s impressive WrestleMania run. Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar has a chance to be unforgettable, with a sense of wrestling nostalgia, as their names and reputations carry the card. We can only hope for some “did you see that” moments in the SummerSlam.

[Photo courtesy of WWE.com]