Justin Bieber Teases Fine Falsetto Form From Recording Studio — Video

Justin Bieber is in fine falsetto form, according to a new music snippet recorded in studio, which he teased on Instagram late Saturday.

In the clip, a computer monitor pops up first before the young superstar comes into view.

The Biebs is seen standing in front of a microphone singing over a beatless, urban-hinting track, accompanied by what sound like distorted stacked vocals and walking synth piano or harp.

It’s unclear if last night’s falsetto tease is taken from new music on the singer’s new album.

The octave-climbing Canadian didn’t caption his video, but his engineer reposted, writing, “There are perks.”

Thousands of fans left appreciative messages on the Bieb’s Instagram page and on Twitter, each one gushing over the heartthrob’s falsetto.

“King of vocals,” one fan declared. “I can’t believe everyone doubted Justin’s vocal ability,” wrote another.

One poetic Belieber thrilled, “His heavenly vocals transports me to another dimension, I suddenly feel I can fly and touch the sky.” A more militant fan ranted, “if another B***h tries coming at [JB] with another ‘he can’t sing’ make sure you hit em up with this masterpiece!”

While Bieber has rolled out plenty of new music snippets over the past two years, fans are no doubt especially primed for new music, because the returning Prince of Pop is just five days away from the end of a 30-day, celebrity-assisted countdown to his new single “What Do You Mean,” which drops August 28.

The song is the lead cut from the 21-year-old’s upcoming fourth studio album, which is set for release on November 13.

During a July 29-airing interview at On Air With Ryan Seacrest to announce “What Do You Mean,” Justin revealed Skrillex — one of four collaborators on their EDM hit “Where Are Ü Now” — is now the primary producer on his new album. He praised the six-time Grammy winner’s sound as “super-futuristic” and “fresh.”

As part of building hype for the single, Justin direct-messaged one lyric line of the track to 49 Beliebers on Twitter last week. The singer also completed filming a music video for his single, helmed by big screen director Brad Furman (The Lincoln Laywer, Runner Runner, The Take).

Meanwhile, following countdown appearances from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Duff, Ellen DeGeneres, Alanis Morissette, and tons more, the latest huge name to pony up are Ben Stiller, who cast the Biebs for a cameo in the 2016-opening Zoolander 2, and model pal Kendall Jenner.

Stiller featured in three clips, each riffing on #5Days, which can be seen below. Earlier on Sunday, Justin tweeted that he has arrived in New York, where he is performing at the end of Sonny Moore’s headliner show at Billboard’s inaugural Hot 100 Music Festival at Jones Beach later.

Perhaps the Biebs will unleash his stunning falsetto voice on stage tonight?

[Images via Karla Welch for The Wall Group / Instagram / Twitter]