French Couple Having Intercourse In Castle Lose Their Balance, Fall 40 Feet To Their Deaths

A French couple allegedly having sex at a historic castle somehow fell from a 40-foot height and into a moat, where they both died.

The couple was paying a visit to the Vauban Fort on the island of Chausey Archipelago when apparently, the mood struck. Authorities say they believe the man and woman — both in their 30s — decided to have sex in part of the castle roughly four stories off the ground, the Independent reported.

But somehow during their lovemaking act, the couple lost balance and fell down into a moat below. The man’s body was found in a dried out portion of the moat, while his lover was in shallow water. Both were naked.

The castle sits on a rocky part of the coast and was built in 1866 by Napoleon as a fortress to protect against British attack. It is popular with tourists.

This is not the first couple to die during sex. Back in May, a Kentucky couple was found dead in the backseat of their car after apparently having sex. The Mirror reported that the couple suffered monoxide poisoning that filled the car with deadly gas through rusty exhaust pipe.

The bodies of 31-year-old David Long and 25-year-old Violet Iles were found by Kevin Long, David’s brother, as he walked his children to a nearby bus stop in the morning hours.

“I pulled him out and I tried to do CPR on him, and the paramedics tried to talk me through it over the phone,” Kevin Long recalled.

Both Iles and Long were pronounced dead when paramedics reached the scene.

In July, an alleged drunk driver went to trial for having sex with his girlfriend while driving then losing control and crashing. The woman, Lisa Watling, was killed in the wreck.

Prosecutor Philip Meredith said the accused man, Minesh Parbat, at first claimed not to recall how the crash happened, but later opened up about it.

“For his second interview, on June 13, his memory was better,” Meredith noted. “He said on the return journey Miss Watling said she was feeling horny and started doing things she shouldn’t have been. He said she put her bottom on the dashboard and went to climb across him but stressed while he didn’t have a full view of the road that he was in control.”

Reports did not identify the French couple who died while having sex in a castle. It is not clear when they fell into the moat, but authorities believe they were visiting from Normandy and visiting the castle.

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