Woman Having Sex With Drunk Driver Killed After He Loses Control Of Car

A drunk driver who was reportedly having sex with his girlfriend while driving killed his beau after she was flung from the car because he lost control of the automobile.

Minesh Parbat has been accused of killing Lisa Watling in the terrible crash, and he is currently on trial at Lewes Crown Court. The 36-year-old has denied causing death by dangerous driving. He insists that the pair weren’t having sex when the accident occurred.

Prosecutors insist that Minesh Parbat and Lisa Watling were having sex when the crash took place. Parbat was found with his trousers down at the scene of the crime, while it’s been reported that Watling was straddling him before she was then flung from his BMW Z3 after he lost control and it crashed.

Lisa Watling, 28, who was a mother of two, wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash on March 9 at 1:40 a.m., while she died of her injuries later on that day. The driving conditions were clear.

According to the Mirror, the court heard that an eye-witness saw Parbat with his trousers around his ankles, while his “backside [was] on show.” Meanwhile, Lisa Wattling was also half-naked, too.

Prosecutor Philip Meredith told the court, “This is a case where somebody has died untimely and unnecessarily. The BMW Z3 was being driven by Mr. Parbat with Lisa Watling, his then girlfriend, in the front passenger seat.”

Meredith added further details of Parbat’s reaction after the crash, explaining, “In his first police interview the defendant said he hadn’t been able to find his phone and went to go home to look for it but Miss Watling insisted on traveling with him. He said he found his phone at home, but that it was the last thing he remembered until waking up in hospital.”

Meredith continued, “For his second interview, on June 13, his memory was better. He said on the return journey Miss Watling said she was feeling horny and started doing things she shouldn’t have been. He said she put her bottom on the dashboard and went to climb across him but stressed while he didn’t have a full view of the road that he was in control.”

Parbat insisted that he didn’t engage in any sexual behaviour with Watling, and he didn’t see her antics as sexual, too. But when he was asked why his pants were down, he was unable to provide a reason why.

Parbat failed a roadside breath test after police arrived at the scene, while the first witnesses to the crash detailed how how they came across Parbat with his pants around his ankles, while Watling was naked “from her chest down.”

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