Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour Will Be Massively Successful And Fun

Daryl Deino

Madonna is going to kick off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on September 9, and it is already set to be another massively successful tour. According to Forbes, tickets are going for very high secondary market prices and may be another record-breaking tour.

"The Queen of Pop is set to hit the road, and may be on track to break tour records yet again as well... the average Madonna ticket is $331 on the secondary market for her US dates."

Forbes notes that the average price for tickets on the secondary market is much higher than it was on Madonna's previous tour. However, it's important to note that judging a tour's success on sales from secondary sellers can be misleading.

In the past couple of years, early reports of tours by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, and even Madonna herself were initially reported as flops because secondary prices were cheaper than prices at the box office. However, the artist could care less about secondary prices, which usually come down in price because scalpers overestimate demand. If Beyoncé sells over 40,000 tickets a night and makes $5 million, her show is a success.

Primary ticket sales for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour are strong, even if pre-sales aren't as massive as previous tours. Madonna has added secondary dates in several cities. There are some cities in which Madonna only has single dates (mostly in North America), despite previously being able to book doubles. However, she will more than make up for the money lost since tickets on the Rebel Heart Tour are more expensive than they were on previous tours.

A talk with a Live Nation representative earlier this week indicates that Madonna could add more secondary dates in North America next year, given that most shows are more than 90 percent sold out. Perhaps they are waiting to see how the shows are received. According to the Huffington Post, Madonna fans can, as usual, expect the unexpected.

"The tour's set list will likely feature some of those [recent] songs, but the prospect of her reinventing her back catalog yet again -- not just for younger audiences who might not have been around for their first trips up the charts, but for diehards who have followed her around the world -- is exciting, especially given the way she's turned her songs inside-out in the past."

Madonna may not sell a lot of albums anymore (albums are hard to sell when they leak online three months before their release date), but that hardly matters. Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour will leave recent tours by such "competitors" as Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson in the dust -- in terms of both ticket sales and possibly concert quality.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images Entertainment]