‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Nominations Revealed For ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday night, August 21, are anything but surprising. In the latest Big Brother 17 spoilers to be revealed, Head of Household Austin Matelson announced his Week 9 nominations for eviction. A report from fan site Big Brother Network states that John McGuire and Steve Moses were his nominees. This was the plan that Austin formulated almost the instant he became the new BB17 HOH, and also what he talked about doing with the twins, Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there had been some chatter about putting Vanessa Rousso up on the block, but that didn’t happen on Friday. The chance is still there to use a “backdoor” option on her, and it’s very likely Vanessa fears that more than actually getting nominated. The BB17 house was packed with drama as Vanessa recently began suspecting that people were consorting against her, raising the level of paranoia to a new high in the house. And it was already extremely high.

Adding to the drama of these Big Brother 17 spoilers, are deals that Austin Matelson has made with John McGuire and Steve Moses over the last few weeks. Both John and Steve likely feel that they are partially safe this week, especially if they continue to believe that the real plan is to make Vanessa Rousso the next member of the BB17 jury. That might take a lot of work to convince Austin to do at this point, because it doesn’t directly benefit his game to get Vanessa out at this juncture.

The Week 9 Veto ceremony is on Saturday, August 22, with a lot on the line for the nominees as well as Austin. The nominees have only one way to guarantee their own safety, and that is to wear that Veto necklace into the ceremony on Monday, August 24. Anything else is a risk for them. The same goes for Vanessa, who has to know that the “backdoor” idea is being whispered about. The only way to remove the temptation from Austin and the twins is for her to win the Veto and ensure the nominations stay the same.

A number of times this season, the HOH has won the Veto, making their decisions very easy as the week progressed. If Austin Matelson can find a way to win the Week 9 Veto, he will then have the power to be the reason Vanessa Rousso gets evicted. But will he actually make a big BB17 game move like that? Stay tuned fans, because there are going to be a lot of Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out over the next few days.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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