‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Vanessa Rousso Goes Nuts In ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday (August 21) have Vanessa Rousso losing her cool. These Big Brother 17 spoilers come from a report on fan site Big Brother Network. In it, the paranoia that Vanessa often expresses in the BB17 house has gone to a new level. She is very worried about Austin Matelson turning her down for a one-on-one meeting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin won the latest HOH competition to take control in the house.

Austin was indeed discussing options with John McGuire, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses about possibly using the “backdoor” option on Vanessa. She had been sleeping during these talks, but suddenly awoke and went to Steve to have a chat with him. He declined it at the moment, leading to Vanessa growing very suspicious of what was going on. She had recently also been rebuffed by Austin when she asked for “three more minutes” of game talk.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers aren’t exactly ground-breaking when it comes to new information being shared in the BB17 house. Vanessa Rousso has been paranoid for a number of weeks, going back to before she was put up on the block against Shelli Poole. Shelli ended up getting evicted, allowing Vanessa to survive another week in the game. Last week, Vanessa didn’t even get nominated, as Becky Burgess and John McGuire spent the whole week on the block. While she was never in any real danger of going home, her name came up in quite a few conversations.

Flash forward to early Friday morning, and it should have become very clear to Vanessa that she is being discussed again. While the early stages of the Week 9 nominee plans don’t evolve much past John and Steve going on the block, Austin could certainly entertain putting up Vanessa as a replacement nominee if something goes wrong during the Veto competition and resulting ceremony. Currently, though, it doesn’t benefit his personal game to see Vanessa walk out the door.

The worst kept secret in the BB17 house seems to be that a jury member is going to return to the game. It has the eight houseguests very concerned about sending the wrong person to the jury for now, especially because that person would then have specific targets if they returned. By Friday night, the next round of Big Brother 17 spoilers should reveal the Week 9 nominations for eviction. With the chaos that Vanessa Rousso is creating in the house, is it time for Austin Matelson to just nominate her?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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