WWE News: Big Heat On WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan After Wizard World Comic-Con Appearance

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is not one to keep back thoughts or opinions when people ask him something. This is something many fans love about the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion; however, WWE is, understandably, not always a fan of his comments. Bryan unleashed several such comments recently at the Wizard World Comic-Con.

The main issue with Bryan’s con appearance was that he spoke out on a number of things that could potentially hurt the WWE. When asked about a return to the ring, Daniel Bryan continued to claim that his doctor had told him he is cleared to return. He claimed WWE management was really the only thing keeping him from the ring, as he has passed every test asked of him.

If that wasn’t enough to get on WWE’s bad side, Bryan also spoke out on the subject of WWE merchandise at the con. When talking about WWE merchandise, Bryan made it clear where he stands.

“Buying WWE shirts can be hard for a family. I’ve been poor. Make your own shirt, I’d love that.”

Wizard World tweeted the above quote and Bryan, in turn, retweeted it. Bryan said he hoped fan-made merch would become a new trend. Apparently this caused a huge problem and reportedly there was to be some heat put on Daniel Bryan for the comment.

It was not out of character for Daniel Bryan to talk about merchandise, as he is known for being a big money-saver due to his prior economic struggles. In addition to his thriftiness, he is very self-sufficient and doesn’t have an abundance of material possessions. Clearly, he would be the type of superstar to make something and use it or wear it. It’s not shocking that he would like the idea of fans making their own shirts instead of buying them from the WWE Shop.

However, WWE is a business. It is likely they want fans to buy their shirts, not make their own. While it is a good money-saving tip that might allow some fans to show their fanhood and save a few bucks, it doesn’t make the WWE any money in the end. That said, Daniel Bryan’s comments, as much as some fans may love them, will most likely land him in the doghouse.

Daniel Bryan cannot get back in a WWE ring right now. At this point, WWE only gives him media time. In my opinion, if they don’t want him speaking his mind, then he shouldn’t be given the opportunity.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]