Ashley Madison Hacked List: How To See If Your Email And Info Is On The List

Danny Cox

Right now, Josh Duggar is one of the most famous names that has been revealed to be a part of the cheating site Ashley Madison. He came out and admitted that he was a part of the site, and it's become yet another scandal. Well, the Ashley Madison hacked list is now out there for all to see, and there is a way to find out if your info or that or your friends is on there.

Many websites such as the Guardian question whether or not someone should try to look up their spouse on the site. They may find out they're not on there or they may find out they are on there and wonder where to go from there.

Ashley Madison's tagline is "Life is short. Have an affair," and that's exactly what it is all about. The hacked list has revealed there are a lot of email addresses from the military, government, and very large well-known corporations.

A number of websites have leaked the information out there and have the Ashley Madison hacked list for all to see. The info is even in a searchable database so that the Ashley Madison dump is there for you to easily look through.

Two of those sites are Trustify and for your searching pleasure.

All you have to do is type in any email and if it's part of the database, that will mean one of three things.

1. The email address owner is an active member of Ashley Madison.

2. The email address owner created an account but doesn't use it.

3. Someone used that email address, whether it was the owner or not, to create a fake account.

Around 36 million email addresses were compromised, and that does include some duplicates. Considering Ashley Madison didn't validate email addresses, your email could be on there even if you never registered or used the site. Someone else very well may have done it for you, but for their benefit.

All sorts of information came forth via the Ashley Madison hacked list, and that includes personal data and even credit card info in some cases. A lot of people are having trouble now because someone else may have used their email address to register.

On the other hand, there are many who have registered purposely and now their lives have taken a different turn.

Josh Duggar is far from the only person who had registered to be part of a website that promoted and condoned having an affair. The Ashley Madison hacked list is a data dump that now shows who was looking for a little something extra.

[Image via Ashley Madison]