Florida Teen Who Stabbed Mom Over 100 Times, Then Hosted Party In Home With Her Decomposing Body Inside Is Jailed 28 Years

A Florida teen will spend the next 28 years behind prison bars after pleading guilty to strangling his mother to death and stabbing her over 100 times during a verbal altercation, according to CBS News. In March 2012, at the age of 16, Kit Darrant – who is now 19-years-old – had some explaining to do after arriving late at his North Miami apartment, which he shared with his 35-year-old mother Renette Emile and 3-year-old brother.

An argument ensued between Darrant and his mother, which would occur often as he would on numerous occasions take her car without permission to party, smoke marijuana, and drink with friends, according to family members. But that day was unlike any other as Darrant took a butcher knife and began stabbing his own mother more than 100 times after strangling her.

Afterwards he hid her body, covered her in white sheets and poured laundry detergent on her body to hide the smell. The Dr. Krop High School student ditched a week of school and later threw a party in the home with a few friends, but the house guests became suspicious when the smell of his mother's decomposing body permeated through the house, leading to a slew of unwanted questions. However, Darrant assured the partygoers that the smell was from old trash.

Darrant was later arrested for the murder of his mother when his aunt became concerned about Emile and arrived at the home, discovering her sister's body. The teen's brother had also been in the home during the week their mother lay dead on her bedroom floor, according to the Miami Herald.

On Friday, Darrant took a plea deal that agrees to serve 28 years in prison for the second-degree murder charge.

"The man that I am now is not the boy that I used to be," Darrant said in court. "Actions speak louder than words, and I intend to prove that to you."

"The murder of Rene Emile was tragic and Mr. Darrant publicly apologizes for his actions and the immense pain they have caused others," his attorney Christopher DeCoste. "This deal is equally beneficial to both sides. It allows this young man to repay his debt to society yet still have a second chance at life."

Prosecuting attorney Laura Adams stated that Kit Darrant's 28-year sentence for the brutal murder of his mother was a "fair resolution for all."

[Image courtesy of Joe Raedle / Getty Images]