Joe Keller’s Mysterious Disappearance Completely Stumps Cops – Desperate Family Offers $50K As Reward

Joe Keller’s mysterious disappearance has completely stumped local law enforcement officials. The healthy 19-year-old had been on a cross-country trip with friends, when he went for a jog and never returned.

Joe, a Tennessee resident has been missing for about a month now and cops are clueless. His desperate family members have announced a reward of $50,000 for any information about his whereabouts. Keller was 10 days into a 15-day road trip across U.S. with two friends, and just a day before he turned 19, Joe went for a jog on July 23 in Antonito, Colorado, but never returned.

Keller was supposed to meet his friends at a nearby ranch, but he never reached. He boasted that since he was a fast runner, he would make it first to the ranch and meet them there. A quarter of a mile into the run, Keller fell behind his friends on Forest Development Road 250, a winding mountain road in Conejos County, Colorado, reported Fox News.

Joe Was To Meet His Friends At A Ranch After His Jog, But Never Made It

When his friends made it to the ranch there was no sign of Keller. His friends waited for him for hours, anticipating his arrival, but Keller never turned up. After filing a missing person report, local detectives, in association with cops from Keller’s hometown, retraced his steps hoping to find some evidence, but none was found. Announcing a reward of $50,000 for information about Joe Keller, his father Neal Keller said,

“We’d just like to know where he is, what has happened, whether he is alive or dead.”

What makes the disappearance bizarre, apart from the extensive time duration, is that there is no clue or evidence or any sorts for the law enforcement to follow. Following Joe Keller’s disappearance, cops have searched the area using four-wheelers, K-9 teams, a horseback patrol, a helicopter and multiple foot searches, but there have been no indication about how Keller vanished, reported the Daily Mail.


While the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office initially turned down help from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in Keller’s hometown, they eventually relented and now a joint taskforce has been trying to figure out what happened. At this stage all possibilities are being considered, including foul play.

Apart from the reward, Joe’s family has setup a Facebook page to invite any information. At the time of his disappearance Joe Keller was wearing red shorts and blue running shoes. He is described as healthy youth, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighing 155 pounds.

Cops have urged people to call on (719) 376-2196 for any information.

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