Iggy Azalea Shuts Down Rumors About Heroin Use On Twitter

Iggy Azalea is still plagued by rumors. The Australian rapper recently shut down rumors that claim she uses heroin. It seems like the Iggy Iggs can’t seem to escape those pesky rumors that pop up on a daily basis.

An infamous gossip site claimed that Iggy Azalea looked as if she had track marks on her wrists and hands when she arrived to the Los Angeles airport on Monday. Track marks are bruises left behind after a heroin user injects a needle into his or her arm. Azalea, 25, was flying out of L.A. to her home country of Australia. Although she was covered in head-to-toe in a gray cashmere sweater, gray jogging pants, and a tan leather trench coat, the notorious gossip site assumed that Azalea has been up to illegal activities.

Iggy took to Twitter as soon as she saw the nasty rumor spread its way around the internet. The “Pretty Girls” rapper revealed that the cuts on her hands and knuckles were from playing around with Alejandra Hernandez’s “evil cat.” Iggy didn’t seem too bothered by the rumors. In fact, she tweeted that she couldn’t stop laughing!

The blonde Australian has been busy shutting down other rumors. While she has confirmed that she went under the knife to alter the appearance of her nose and breasts, Iggy still insists she didn’t get butt implants. After admitting what plastic surgery procedures she’s had done, Iggy Azalea is setting the record straight on her larger-than-life behind.

The Sydney-born rapper set the record straight about the rumors that claim she’s had butt implants done in the past to help attract her African-American fan base. On Tuesday, August 18, Azalea made an appearance during the Australian talk show, The Project. On the show, Azalea says that her booty is all natural.

“People have been saying I have bum implants forever, but I don’t have butt implants. I have no problem talking about cosmetic surgery.”

Iggy also explained why she wants to be open and honest to her fans about her plastic surgery procedures. After all, some would argue that it’s none of her fans’ business if she’s gone under the knife or not.

“I have had a positive experience with it, it was obvious. So it would have been…lame to deny something so obvious when you can tell what’s happened…”

Not everyone agrees that Iggy Azalea’s booty is real though. Back in March, 2015, talk show host Wendy Williams slammed the pop star for lying about her derriere. She has said countless times on the Wendy Williams Show that Azalea should come out and admit that her butt is fake.

“I wonder why she would do one and not the other. Here’s my theory, I was thinking about this while I was getting dressed and I said, ‘well she’s a rapper and rap is more a black people sport than a white people sport.’ I’m thinking that in order for her to be ingratiated amongst the rap community, having a big giant booty is impressive so black people could say ‘oh she’s like one of us.’ Except she’s not.”

Iggy Azalea was in Australia to promote the new Bonds underwear. To the delight of her fans, Azalea even had a surprise meet and greet at a busy Sydney shopping center on Thursday, August 20.

The “Fancy” rapper isn’t in Australia alone. She’s there with her fiancé, Nick Young. The couple have been spending time with Iggy’s mom, Tanya Kelly, and are scheduled to fly out together later this week.

What are your thoughts on the rumors hounding Iggy Azalea? Do you believe that she doesn’t have butt implants? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]