Boy Trips In Museum, Ruins $1.5 Million Artwork: Parents To Pay?

Toni Matthews

One 12-year-old boy's museum trip took an unpleasant turn after he accidentally ruined a million dollar masterpiece.

According to the Guardian, a Taiwanese preteen "lived out a slapstick nightmare." If you watch the video above, it's hard to disagree.

— (@BostonDotCom) August 25, 2015

A couple of seconds into the clip and you can see the boy wasn't paying attention when he suddenly lost his balance. It almost appeared his foot got caught in the rope in front of the "Flowers" masterpiece by Paolo Porpora. The work of the 17-Century Italian Baroque artist was one of 55 masterpieces on display.

By chance, it was the one that the stumbling boy put a fist through as he tried to avoid falling.

— SPIN 1038 (@spin1038) August 25, 2015

"When I told the curator, he was so shocked that for two to three minutes he couldn't utter a single word...But he was actually most worried that the boy and his family would put too much pressure on themselves."

That doesn't mean the boy who tripped into the painting is completely off the hook for the accident. Said Sun, "I'm actually thinking of asking the boy back to be a volunteer in the exhibition for one day as a penalty."

Perhaps a little work at the museum will teach the preteen to be a bit more careful in the future. Although a sudden trip that becomes a costly error is often unpredictable in nature, many such incidents can be avoided with a little extra awareness of one's surroundings.

[Image Credit: Screen Grab From YouTube/Marco Bass]