Tamra Barney On Cancer Drama: Psychic Says ‘I Never Claimed Brooks Was Lying’

Tamra Barney may not have planned to meet up with a psychic to talk about Brooks Ayers’ cancer on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but the topic came up when Tamra met with her psychic friend, Scott. The scene focused on the drama with the ladies and on Brooks’ illness, even though the lunch turned out to be more than three hours long. Tamra brought up Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Ayers, and the psychic didn’t have amazing things to say.

After the reading, Tamra Barney may have felt a little off about the entire thing. And in this week’s blog for the show, she explains how Scott actually reached out to Vicki to clear the air. As Barney explains her blog, Scott is now claiming that he never said Brooks was lying about having cancer. He simply said it was “wishy washy.”

According to a new Bravo report, Tamra Barney is now revealing that Gunvalson called her after her dramatic dinner with Shannon Beador. Vicki knew that something was going on and she wanted some answers.

“I had no intention of telling Vicki what we had heard from Scott in a group setting, not to keep it a secret but I didn’t feel we needed to make it a topic of conversation that day. After Meghan brought it up to Shannon, I texted Vicki and said I needed to talk to her about something and to call me the next day. Instead I got a call from Vicki after the dinner asking me what was said and I told her everything,” Tamra Barney explains.

Tamra’s blog also includes a statement from Scott, who tries to clear his name. He does highlight that he never said that Brooks didn’t have cancer in his talk with Tamra Barney and the other ladies. And Barney is giving him a place to speak and to clear his name.

“I wanted to inform Vicki that I never claimed Brooks was lying or that he didn’t actually have cancer, but that in my assessment I DIDN’T SEE IT. I quickly realized that my statement about Brooks would be controversy on the show that is bringing negative energy. I wasn’t influenced in making any of the assessments I made, so nothing ‘went down’ other than the fear of how it might play out after the point,” Tamra Barney writes in her blog as a statement from Scott, adding, “Vicki and I left on good terms and in good tone, and to what I understood to be a mutual understanding. I stand by my assessment, for this was what I was asked and not forced. For me, it is not and shall not be a crusade to prove anyone wrong. Or right. In any circumstance there is always hope, love and a power of deliberate focus.”

Barney has hinted that the second half of the season will be explosive, and one can imagine that this cancer rumor will be the driving force behind the drama. According to the Inquisitr, it is also possible that this cancer lie is the cause behind Gunvalson and Brooks’ recent split.

What do you think of Tamra Barney’s explanation of the situation? Why do you think Barney brought up the cancer issue with the psychic?

[Image via Bravo]