Emma Watson And John Boyega Will Star In New Film ‘The Circle’: Will Their Characters Fall In Love?

Emma Watson will have John Boyega as her leading man and romantic interest in the movie of Dave Eggers’ book The Circle. Producers of the futuristic thriller announced that Watson and Boyega, along with Tom Hanks, will add their immense talents to the film.

Vanity Fair celebrated how lucky Boyega is to be able to play Emma Watson’s love interest in The Circle. The magazine has given its stamp of approval to the brilliant casting choice of Watson and Boyega. The article dropped a hint of a possible love triangle with Tom Hanks.

Emma first became famous when her acting drew rave reviews in the eight Harry Potter films. She’s gone on to star in films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Emma Watson has been busy, recently completing work on Colonia, which should be released next January.

John Boyega’s fans are ready to adore him in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it opens. He’s a real pro who should sparkle when paired off with Watson’s depth and creativity.

The Circle, the upcoming film based on Dave Eggers’ book, will depict a shocking vision of the future. It will give Emma Watson and John Boyega a chance to see if their onscreen chemistry will simmer and reach the boiling point. Emma Watson will take on the role of an employee of a giant futuristic company, which is like Google, Facebook, and Twitter blended into one.

Emma Watson will play Mae, a new graduate who starts working for the huge monopoly. In Eggers’ book, Mae is thrilled to be working for the company, but as she rises in the ranks, she’s forced to give up her privacy as all of her activities become transparent. She seems to be losing her real self to a social media persona that belongs to everyone in the corporation. In her New York Times review of the novel, Michiko Kakutani says that The Circle takes us to a chilling but perhaps plausible future world where no one is allowed to have a secret.

“She even agrees to ‘going transparent’ — a phrase that appears to play upon the Scientology term ‘going clear’ — and starts wearing a camera lens that will give ‘her watchers’ virtually 24/7 access to her life (with occasional three-minute bathroom breaks). Will Mae wake up to the dangers of the company in time?”

Emma Watson’s film character, Mae, develops a relationship with Boyega’s character, Ty, who is the founding genius of the frighteningly powerful company.

Watson recently retweeted the exciting announcement about Boyega.

According to the Huffington Post, this newest film to showcase Emma Watson and John Boyega will open in 2016. The names of other actors in the cast haven’t been released yet. James Ponsoldt will direct Watson and her co-stars.

Playing opposite John Boyega, Emma Watson is a great choice to make us feel the fear and the intelligence of the strong woman character of Mae in The Circle.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]