Kelly Clarkson Announces Pregnancy During Emotional Moment While Performing In L.A.

Singer Kelly Clarkson announced she is pregnant after she could no longer contain her emotions while singing her song “Piece by Piece” at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Wednesday night. Clarkson, who has been on tour promoting her latest album, broke down crying in the middle of the performance before blurting out, “I was not planning on announcing this. I’m totally pregnant again!”

A fan caught the moment on video of Clarkson’s emotional announcement with cheers erupting from the Staples crowd.

Clarkson went on to finish the song and then let the audience know while she wasn’t planning on announcing the pregnancy she was just feeling “so hormonal today” and didn’t want her fans to think she was “crazy” for getting too choked up to sing. This is the second child for Kelly and her husband Brandon who welcomed a daughter in 2014.

While Kelly Clarkson didn’t reveal specific details about the pregnancy such as due date or gender quite yet, it was very Kelly Clarkson-esque of her to share such secret and personal news with the nearly 20,000 people attending her concert considering Kelly’s last pregnancy announcement was blasted out via her Twitter page in 2013. And when it comes down to it, that’s part of Clarkson’s charm–the fact that she comes across as the excitable girl next door.

Clarkson has already been making headlines this tour for performing her own renditions of other artists songs as a surprise musical treat to her audiences. So far this year, Kelly has covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” Lana Del Rey’s “Off to the Races,” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” among others.

Last night Clarkson used her incredible voice to show off her sense of humor as she sang Tinder profiles out loud on Jimmy Kimmel Live in an effort to ramp them up and make them more successful for the struggling singles on the online hook up site.

Watch it here:

Whether it’s laughter or tears, Kelly Clarkson undoubtedly got her audience feeling all sorts of emotions from both her news and her performance tonight judging by the multitude of Kelly Clarkson love Tweets on Twitter this evening. Even actresses Chloe Grace Moretz and Valerie Bertinelli, and singer Demi Lovato couldn’t contain their emotional support of Clarkson:

Hopefully Kelly’s husband was just as supportive and understanding of her unplanned pregnancy announcement when the concert ended. Clarkson revealed to the audience that the couple hadn’t even told their extended family yet. Oops.

It’s okay Kelly. Brandon had to have known when he married you that you were Miss Independent.

[Image courtesy of Karwai Tang/Getty Images.]