Jared Fogle’s Investigation Is Right Out Of An “S.V.U.” Script

Jared Fogle’s story seems taken from an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Stories of prostitutes, child pornography, and admissions to sexual relations with under-aged young women can all be found in several S.V.U. episodes. In just about every show, the perpetrators always get caught. In a real-life version of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Jared Fogle had his turn as the perp.

It all began when his home was raided in early July after authorities became suspicious of Fogle having child pornography in his house. Much like in an episode of S.V.U., the FBI confiscated Fogle’s computers and files.

Life has become a nightmare for the former pitchman for Subway. Fogle was in attendance at a federal courthouse on Wednesday in Indianapolis, Indiana. While standing before federal judge Mark Dinsmore, Fogle asked to have his plea agreement be considered, according to Reuters. It is another startling chapter in the downward spiral of Jared Fogle’s life.

The plea agreement that Jared Fogle’s legal counsel is asking Judge Dinsmore to consider is one that will cost him $1.4 million. That is restitution which will be paid to 14 under-aged young women, per the judge’s agreement. Fogle is also hoping that the judge accepts the suggested minimum prison sentence of five years. If Judge Dinsmore does approve the plea bargain, Jared Fogle could be staring at a 12-year maximum sentence.

Subway predictably decided to dissolve their relationship with their most recognizable spokesperson.

The submarine sandwich company is not alone in kicking Jared Fogle to the curb, his wife of five years is also done with him. Katie Fogle officially filed for divorce. This is all amid the admissions of payments made to prostitutes who assisted Fogle in seeking out young girls for sex.

Jared Fogle was also charged with filming young girls undressing, saving the files on his hard drive and other devices.

If you are unfamiliar with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, this is the moment when Sgt. Olivia Benson, played by the lovely Mariska Hargitay slams her hand on the table inside of the interrogation room. With her deceivingly cold eyes, she is attempting to get the perpetrator to offer up a confession. Another detective walks inside the room with the intentions of adding pressure on the accused.

While that happens during the television show, what Jared Fogle has done is real life. The startling chill runs down our spines as we find it difficult to remember that he was an inspiration to many of us. A diet consisting of primarily Subway sandwiches was credited for Fogle’s dramatic weight loss. He was paraded in front of us as an ordinary person who ate healthy and showed realistic results. Now he is a sex offender with some real life trouble on his hands.

The end of each S.V.U. episode usually shows the perpetrator take a hard fall. Jared Fogle’s fall is a swift one that will continue to drop at an alarming rate. Someone grab a writer; this true to life script is ready to go.

(Photo by Slavin Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment)