WWE News: Roman Reigns Praises Daniel Bryan, Says ‘He’s The Best, If Anyone Says Any Different They’re An Idiot’

There’s probably no active wrestler who is more respected and liked than former WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan. He’s been one of the best in-ring performers in professional wrestling for well over a decade, and in the mind of Roman Reigns, he’s the best, and if anyone thinks any different, “They’re an idiot.”

UFC women’s bantamweight champion and huge WWE fan Ronda Rousey recently interviewed Roman Reigns to help promote this Sunday’s SummerSlam event. In the interview, Rousey asked Reigns about Daniel Bryan, and Reigns had nothing but good things to say about WWE’s “YES!” man.

“Bryan is the best. If anybody says any different, they’re an idiot. You can learn anything from him. I got to work a lot with him with the Shield — that was like the band with those six man matches [against Bryan, Kane, and Ryback], we were doing those every night. So I had plenty of chemistry and experience with Bryan.”

One of the reasons why Daniel Bryan is so respected in the business is because he paid his dues all over the world for nearly 10 years before he got his big break in WWE. He also had to overcome a good number of obstacles, including most WWE executives thinking that Bryan is too small and not marketable to get to the top of the company.

Reigns talked about why he thinks Bryan was able to get to the top of WWE despite having so many thing working against him, and he pointed to Bryan’s experience around the world as one of the key factors in Bryan getting to where he’s gotten in WWE.

“He is such a journeyman with so much experience, and that’s a key ingredient to what we do–just logging in those man-hours. Bryan is a journeyman, and he’s one of the few that we have, with Seth [Rollins] and Dean [Ambrose] also in that category. He’s just so smart. He has a great take on everything, and he doesn’t just think about his product. He thinks of the grand scheme of things in the WWE world, and he’s a privilege to be around, not only in the ring but also as a person.”

“The last European tour was a great tour, sitting on the back of the bus with Bryan in a conversation for an hour-and-a-half covering everything under the sun–we talked about from evolution to lotions to how to treat swelling. He has so much knowledge on life. I feel very blessed to made a friend with Daniel Bryan.”

Over the last several months, Roman Reigns has slowly started to gain the fans’ respect, and the boos, for the most part, are starting to go away. They’ll probably never completely go away, but there’s no question that Reigns is in a much better spot with the fans now than he was four months ago.

[Image via WWE]