Dylan Redwine’s Father Declared POI: Did He Kill His Son?

Justice for Dylan Redwine is on the horizon. Fox 31 Denver reports that authorities have finally declared the slain child’s father as the only person of interest in his case. This comes on the heels of reports that a POI had been declared, and after Mark Redwine had expressed fears that he could in fact be the suspect. Now social media is lighting up with discussion about the possibility of an impending arrest.

Kevin Torres interviewed Elaine Hall (formerly Hatfield-Redwine) for KDVR News this afternoon, and she expressed her thoughts on the latest development. Her sentiments were the same today as they’ve been since the teen’s 2012 disappearance — that she has always suspected Mark Redwine in his death.

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office published a press release outlining the new developments. Not only have they declared Mark Redwine to be the only person of interest in his death, they have cleared Elaine and Michael Hall of any involvement in Dylan’s case.

Dylan Redwine’s case remains viral in social media discussion, especially in light of the latest updates. Meanwhile, he has stopped talking to the media, and has not given more than one or two words of comment to reporters since he was revealed to be a person of interest.

Dylan Redwine vanished on November 19, 2012 during a court-ordered visit with his father Mark Redwine. Over the course of several months the entire nation pulled together to search for the lad. Even Doctor Phil McGraw featured the case on his show, offering Mark Redwine a second chance at taking a polygraph test — which he declined after agreeing to take it. This inflamed public suspicion of the man. Suspicion against him grew to the point that protests were held outside of his home.

Dylan’s remains were found scattered in an area not far from Mark’s home. At the time it was speculated that animals might have gotten to his remains, which could answer why only partial remains were located. However, authorities confirmed that animals did not get to the boy, and his death has been ruled from unspecified to a homicide.

Photo: Dylan Redwine via Facebook