Ohio State Trooper Uses Craigslist And His Position To Create A ‘Sex Stop,’ More Details Emerge

Ohio state troopers, like other state troopers in America, are sometimes looked upon in a different manner than local law enforcement. Sometimes worse, sometimes better, but they often have bigger jobs to take on and certainly more of them. However, no state trooper or public official is above the law.

In a day and age where citizens have growing concerns, or what some may call paranoia or conspiracy theories, about police, a story about Craigslist, a state trooper, and a sex stop certainly won’t quell those concerns. WLWT5 in Cincinnati reported that Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee used a combination of his position, Craigslist, and Facebook to stalk and sexually harass female motorists.

Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee, according to court records, was forcing female motorists to perform sexual acts and had Craigslist posts advertising the idea of having a traffic sex stop with him because he was a law enforcement official.

“I am in Law Enforcement so if the idea of traffic stop sex sounds good let me know.”

The Ohio state trooper originally wrote it under his Craigslist alias Troy Castle back in 2010, but four days later, he wrote about a similar fantasy he wanted to fulfill for someone, according to the Washington Post. This was only the beginning of Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee’s foray into this behavior.

The Ohio state trooper’s first instance was while he was responding to a drunk driving wreck. The drunk driver rolled her Chevy Blazer and failed the sobriety test administered by Bryan Lee. State trooper Lee handcuffed her and placed her in the back of his squad car. While she was in the backseat, she asked Lee if she could use the bathroom, in which he took her outside the car and told her to squat. He then turned off his microphone and unbuckled his belt. The female motorist feared what might happen next but couldn’t scream.

“I thought ‘Oh s***, do I scream? We’re in the middle of nowhere. He can make me disappear.”

She stated that he bent her over his patrol car, groped her, and rubbed his genitals on her. The next day, Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee was at her door, but the report does not state what was said. She feared being threatened into silence, or worse, that he would ask her to do it again. She tried to file a report, but a sergeant with the Ohio State Police said she was inconsistent and lied about the incident. They allegedly threatened her with criminal charges of lying to the police.


In 2013, during a drunk driving stop, Lee was propositioned by a female motorist, and he turned off his camera and microphone to take advantage of the offer. It was the video of this incident that launched the investigation into Ohio state trooper Bryan Lee. After the sex stop, it turned “creepy,” as Lee chose to find her on Facebook to message her and flirt with her days later. He wrote about seeing her at a fair, what she was wearing, and how he was looking for another encounter.

Ohio trooper Bryan Lee resigned prior to his charges, and though his lawyers sought probation, he was charged with “cyberstalking and violating women’s civil rights by harassing them, photographing them, groping them and having sex with one victim in exchange for dismissing traffic violations.” Ohio state trooper Lee was sentenced to five years in federal prison.

Thankfully, this can not be said of all state troopers. The Inquisitr previously reported on the dashcam video that showed an Ohio state trooper rushing to save an injured trucker.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]