Nope To Dope: Philadelphia PD Use ‘Saved By The Bell’ To Warn Kids Against Drugs [Video]

A bizarrely edited video has been published by the Philadelphia Police Department to warn kids against the use of drugs and it looks like it might go viral. However, the reason for its popularity is not the “Nope to Dope” message as much as the hilarious video editing.

Anyone that enjoyed the series Saved by the Bell back in the 1990s might remember the episode where the kids warned against the use of drugs. That “Nope to Dope” episode is now being used by the Philadelphia Police Department to warn youngsters in that city against the use of drugs.

Nope to dope

The video is so badly edited that it may go viral, but not for its “Nope to Dope” message. Its popularity is far more likely to be due to the that the Commissioner Charles H. Ramsay’s badly cropped head floats unevenly around on the video footage in an attempt to replace that of Mr Belding, the head teacher from the hit TV show.

As reported in the Mirror, first we see the cast of Saved by the Bell using a series of different adjectives to describe why drugs are just so bad for you and why they wouldn’t do them. Finally the whole cast comes together to give what should be a hard-hitting message to tell all kids to say “Nope to Dope.” But hard-hitting isn’t quite how it comes across.

It starts with Mr Belding saying, “These kids are right. Drugs will hurt your mind, your body and your life,” with Ramsay’s head barely managing to float over Belding’s face.

At that point in the “Nope to Dope” video, the Police Commissioner’s voice cuts in, with the cropped image of his face wobbling backwards and forward as he says, “Hi, I’m Police Commissioner Charles Ramsay..” and it then cuts back to Belding’s character saying that he has a hit idea for the fall season – don’t do drugs.

The video ends with those important words, “There’s no hope with dope.”

The “Nope to Dope” video was uploaded by the Philadelphia Police Department on August 13 and has already received over 86,000 views. Comments on the video have been disabled, but its pretty certain most people watched the video for that terrible editing rather than the actual message of saying “Nope to Dope” itself.

KQED points out this isn’t the first time the Philadelphia Police Department has edited other people’s videos to further their cause. Have a look below and see what they did to a Sizzler ad as part of their recruitment drive.

This time there were no floating heads, just terribly dubbed voices in the hilarious voice-over. It seems comments were disabled for that one too when it was uploaded in April, but it certainly didn’t get as many views as the latest epic.

In other, more heart-warming, police news, the Inquisitr recently reported the story of the Seattle cop who stopped a car for speeding, then delivered a healthy baby girl on the back seat of the car.

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