Seattle Cop Stops Speeding Car, Delivers Healthy Baby Girl [Video/Audio]

A Seattle cop pulled over a speeding car Sunday, totally unaware of what lay ahead of him. He then proceeded to deliver a healthy baby girl right there on the back seat of the car.

With so much bad press these days about the actions of police officers, one Seattle cop has made the news with a touching and beautiful story, and the whole event was recorded on the dashcam in his police car.

It happened at around 3:45 am local time Sunday when the Seattle cop’s normal routine was interrupted by a traffic stop. Officer Anthony Reynolds pulled over the speeding car on a south Seattle street and as he walked over to the car, he was told by the driver that his wife was in labor and was about to give birth.

Reynolds immediately called for an ambulance to be sent to the scene, but it turned out there was no time to wait for paramedics. Just twenty-five seconds later, the mother could be heard shouting, “The baby’s head is out!”

Realizing what he had to do, the heroic Seattle cop headed to the backseat of the car and proceeded to help deliver the baby girl, the couple’s fourth child.

According to RT, there was a worrying moment when the mother said, “The baby’s not breathing, please help me.” As reported in a statement from the Seattle police, Reynolds then worked with the mother to clear the baby’s airway and got the baby safely breathing again.

“After first giving a full-throated cry as she burst into the world, the young girl began struggling to breathe. With the help of the child’s mother, Officer Reynolds cleared the baby’s airway and got her breathing again.

Soon after this, the ambulance finally arrived and took both mother and baby off to the local hospital. The proud new dad followed behind the ambulance in his car, but before doing so, thanked the heroic Seattle cop with a few heartfelt hugs.

Seattle cop
Father and his new baby girl

The Seattle police have since released the above photo of the father with his precious new baby girl and the family is reportedly doing well.

The couple sent a note to the Seattle police department and most especially Officer Reynolds, thanking them for their assistance. The full note to the Seattle cop and his department is included below.

“On August 16th at 3:34 am my wife and I were pulled over by Officer Anthony Reynolds. I had been speeding because my wife was in labor. Afraid the baby wouldn’t wait, I jumped out of the car and approached the police vehicle to alert Officer Reynolds of the situation. He instantly was willing to help us. He made sure my wife was okay and then called for an ambulance.”

“Shortly after that my daughter was born in our car. Officer Reynolds was able to remove the body fluid out of my daughter’s mouth to start her breathing. I was surprised and deeply touched by the compassion of Officer Reynolds. He stayed with us during the entire time and went above and beyond to ensure the safety of my wife and newborn child.”

“Our baby is very healthy and arrived in the hospital in stable condition. All of my family and friends would like to thank the Seattle Police Department for their strong code of ethics. You have helped deliver a precious gift and we are so grateful.”

“I wanted to thank SPD for all their support.”

In other related news, the striking photo of a newborn baby boy laying below his mother’s Caesarian wound has gone viral on the Internet, sparking controversy.

[Image: Courtesy Seattle Police Department]

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