‘Suits’ Season 5: Harvey And Lewis Will Make Life-Altering Decisions In Episode 9

With the hit USA drama, Suits, gearing up for its Season 5 summer finale, it’s apparent that the fight between Harvey Specter and Louis Litt may be put on hold in light of other problems, namely the arrival of Daniel Hardman.

Although the conflict between Harvey and Louis has been a focal point this season, a truce is likely to unfold, especially with Louis now backtracking on Harvey’s suspension. The idea of a potential let up comes on the heels of the arrival of Daniel Hardman, who is now working with Jack Soloff.

In the recently released teaser trailer, Harvey, Louis, and Jessica are shown scrambling to deal with the return of Hardman, who is working hard on his plans to take control of the firm through an alliance with Jack Soloff.

With Hardman and Soloff now working together, the biggest potential loser in their alliance is Mike Ross. The main problem Mike is likely to face involves the idea that Hardman and Soloff might use his fake qualifications as a point of leverage to control the firm. If this ends up happening, and Mike’s biggest secret is finally revealed, then the ramifications are certainly going to be significant.

Whatever ends up happening, Mike’s story line and the fact that he’s been practicing law without a proper degree is something that the series is going to have to deal with at some point. How this all falls out, and how the other characters react, is still to be determined, though it’s not likely to be a clean affair.

Meanwhile, with Hardman and Soloff making moves to take over the firm, Mike and Harvey will have to deal with their past problems. In fact, according to the official synopsis, the two will be forced to make life-altering choices in the coming episode. Does this mean that Mike’s secret will finally be made known?

If Mike’s secret is uncovered in the coming episode, then it will certainly have an impact on Mike’s relationship with Rachel. That being said, Claire’s warning to Mike in the last episode is sure to weigh on his mind as he thinks about Rachel’s safety.

With Mike and Rachel already geared up for their coming wedding, it is possible that their plans may be interrupted, especially if Mike’s secret is exposed and he is forced to step away from his career in law.

Episode 9 of Suits, titled “Uninvited Guests,” is set to air August 19 on USA Network.

[Image Courtesy: ‘Suits’ Facebook]