‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Episode 7: A Tear-Inducing Split, Fresh Romance And Intense Drama

New Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Week 4 are out, and fans will want to brace themselves for a lot of fresh drama. Episode 7 airs on Sunday, August 23, and it sounds as if there will be some fireworks ahead. What can viewers expect?

ABC teases that Sunday’s episode will pick up just moments after the confrontation with Joe Bailey. It seems that he’ll admit his angling to stick around solely for Samantha Steffen, while Juelia Kinney will make an unusual request of host Chris Harrison. When the cocktail party rolls around, Samantha and Joe will talk to the group about the controversy, but will they be honest?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that the solo contestants will be scrambling to secure roses as the rose ceremony looms. The focus will be on Dan Cox and JJ Lane, as they’re the two guys handing out roses who aren’t in solid pairings at this point. It seems that everybody there will be anxious to keep Juelia in the mix, but who will give her their rose?

The network teases that this rose ceremony will be the “most dramatic rose ceremony to date,” as “shocking decisions are made, resulting in surprise departures and even more astonishing returns.” Just what are those shockers? The request of Juelia’s is seemingly unknown at this point, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Kirk, Joshua, Tanner, Joe, and Jared give their roses to their expected ladies. In addition, Dan gives his to Amber.

Reality Steve’s spoilers for this rose ceremony indicate that JJ will give his rose to Ashley Salter just before he makes a big speech. This is surely what ABC is referring to in terms of shockers, as JJ reportedly says that he’s leaving to pursue a relationship back home.

With Lane’s departure, the show brings back Mikey Tenerelli. Somehow, in the midst of all of this, Juelia is given the opportunity to stay, as well, and that may well be tied to her request of Chris Harrison. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that at the end of the rose ceremony, Clare Crawley and Megan Bell are sent packing.

Viewers will also get to see a big date for Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper in Sunday’s episode. Jade and Tanner will spend time together in Tequila, Mexico, and talk about a possible future together. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Nick Peterson will show up at the house, and it seems he’s angling to take Samantha on a date. When he learns she’s spoken for, he turns to take Ashley S. on a date instead.

There’s said to be a hurricane whipping through Mexico during Sunday’s episode, altering the plans made for Nick and Ashley. Ultimately, however, it seems some sparks will fly between the two of them. However, things don’t go nearly so well for Jared and Ashley Iaconetti in Episode 7.

ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Jared decides to end things with Ashley. As most viewers can imagine, she will be shedding a lot of tears over this. In addition, it’s time to celebrate Joe’s birthday, but Samantha delivers a stunning surprise to him: she’s not going to be sticking with him.

As Sunday’s episode ends, it seems that viewers will see Samantha relishing in her freedom, Joe determined to exact revenge, and Ashley I. crying. More guys will be showing up on Monday’s episode and, as some in paradise face significant drama, others in relationships are looking toward futures together.

Fans will definitely not want to miss these Week 4 episodes. Just who will emerge as the biggest villain of the season? Which couples will still be together by the time the dust settles and the finale airs? Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise airing on Sunday and Monday nights to see just how it all plays out.

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