‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Shares Status Updates On Final Couples

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is heading into Week 4 and relationships are shifting. So far there are a couple of solid romances developing, but will they last when filming ends and real life begins again? Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed who leaves together after the finale and now he’s updating his Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about what’s happened since filming ended.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that one couple does get engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise finale for Season 2. Two other couples leave still together, but it seems that one of them has split. Interestingly, a new couple has emerged and many will be curious to see if they can last.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have teased that things continue to go very well for Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert in this season. In fact, they are said to be the couple who gets engaged in the finale. Are they still together? Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that they are indeed.

Fans have been loving the sweet romance between Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt this season. Unfortunately, Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have indicated that Carly and Kirk split in the finale, before even doing a final overnight date together. According to Steve, the two remain apart.

A number of “Bachelor Nation” fans have wondered if Carly and Dan Cox might be a couple now, as they were spending a lot of time together and posting frequently on social media recently. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Carly and Dan are not an item either.

What about the woman at the center of much of the drama in Week 3? As the Inquisitr has detailed, Nick Peterson shows up in the Week 4 episodes and catches Samantha’s eye. Despite a lot of drama this season, Nick and Samantha leave filming as a couple. Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that the two are still together at this point.

Unfortunately, Tenley and Joshua don’t last. Steve’s BIP spoilers say that they split at the end of the season and she remains single. Reality Steve’s spoilers add that while she may want to be dating Ben Higgins, the two are not a couple.

It’s been widely reported that Higgins will be the Bachelor 2016 lead, and this should be confirmed during Monday’s After Paradise show. Despite plenty of speculation, Steve says that viewers shouldn’t expect Molzahn to show up vying for Ben’s roses this winter.

There’s one more couple that is still together at the end of BIP Season 2 and that is Cassandra Ferguson and Justin Reich. Many will remember Justin from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season and he’ll show up during Week 4. Cassandra Ferguson was on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season.

Though many know that Cassandra had reunited with her child’s father after doing Galavis’ Bachelor season, they’ve since split. Cassandra and Justin will connect in Week 5 and decide to stay together in the finale that comes in the following week. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that they’ve since split.

That said, it seems that Cassandra may have found love thanks to Bachelor in Paradise after all. Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that she and Jonathan Holloway are now dating. That may seem like a bit of an interesting pairing, but many loved Jonathan this season and would be thrilled to see him find love after all.

It also seems that there have been some other rumors floating around, say about JJ and Juelia, but it seems there’s nothing going on there. If there are any other romances in play that have come out of this season, they haven’t hit Reality Steve’s radar yet.

Will Jade and Tanner last and make it down the aisle? Just what went wrong in Carly and Kirk’s romance? The Season 2 Bachelor in Paradise finale is right around the corner and everybody will be curious to see just who stays together and who calls it quits.

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