‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Week 4 Brings New Guys, Massive Shake-Ups

The drama has gotten intense on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers tease that this will continue in Week 4 of Season 2 with new episodes again airing on Sunday and Monday nights. What can fans expect?

As viewers saw in Monday’s show, Dan headed out on a date with Amber, Joe and Samantha connected and JJ had a date with Megan. The arrivals of these three new ladies definitely shook things up and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease there’s more chaos ahead in Sunday and Monday’s episodes.

ABC had teased that fans would be left hanging at the end of Episode 6 on Monday, August 17 and indeed they were. By the time all of the drama of this one plays out, Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that JJ will take himself out of the mix of things, Clare and Megan will be eliminated, and Mikey will make a return.

As Week 4 starts off, the men are back to asking for dates while the women will be handing out roses. Justin Reich of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season shows up, as do Nick Peterson of Bachelor Pad and Chris Bukowski of Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 and Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette season.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve tease that Nick will initially want to ask out Samantha, but because she’s with Joe, Peterson will ask Ashley Salter out. The two go on a date that involves massages.

Chris Bukowski apparently doesn’t have much luck finding love in paradise. It seems he will indicate that his interest in showing up on yet another “Bachelor Nation” show was to pursue Jade Roper, but as fans know, she and Tanner are quite smitten with one another. Chris seemingly then asks Tenley out for his date, but she also says no.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Chris will give his date card to Josh, who takes out Tenley, and Bukowski leaves on his own the next day. As for Justin’s date, he also asks Samantha out and at first it seems she’ll say yes. However, Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that she’ll change her mind and Justin ends up taking Amber on a date.

Though it may well be that the Week 4 episodes end before this plays out, Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal more drama ahead surrounding Samantha. Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that viewers will learn that not only had Samantha been talking with Joe before heading off to filming, she had been talking with Nick as well. Apparently, viewers can expect a big fight to play out between Joe and Samantha over this.

In all likelihood, based on how this season has progressed, viewers will be left hanging at the end of Monday’s episode once again. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, however, two guys will eventually be headed home.

Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that the first few roses offered will come as no surprise. Kirk gets Carly’s, Joshua gets Tenley’s, Jared gets Ashley Iaconetti’s and Tanner gets Jade’s.

After that, BIP spoilers indicate that Nick will get Ashley Salter’s rose while Mikey gets Juelia’s. Justin gets a rose from Amber and Dan gets a rose from Samantha. It seems that because Samantha and Joe were fighting, she leaves him out in the cold and keeps Dan over him.

Interestingly, Reality Steve’s spoilers for the finale indicate that Samantha does leave paradise in a relationship, but it may not be one fans exactly see coming. From the sounds of things, Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise will be pretty wild and dramatic. Tune in to new episodes airing on Sunday, August 23 and Monday, August 24 to see just what comes next.

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