Who Is Ashley Salter Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Season With Chris Soules?

Ashley Salter has been making quite the impression on both Chris Soules and the viewers on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season. She has gotten roses in the first couple of episodes, but some of the show’s fans are scratching their heads wondering why. Is Ashley really as wacky as she appears on television? What do fans need to know about this intriguing bachelorette?

Salter’s ABC bio says that she’s a hair stylist and her hometown is Brooklyn, New York. Ashley is originally from Alpharetta, Georgia, and she graduated from Milton High School in nearby Milton, Georgia, in 2008. According to the War Eagle Reader, Ashley graduated from Auburn University in Alabama in 2012 with a degree in human development and family studies. In addition to working as a hair stylist, she has done some modeling work.

Ashley is 24-years-old and she says she can’t live without coffee, her lip gloss, sunshine, her journal, and the people she loves. When show host Chris Harrison chatted with People ahead of the Bachelor 2015 season premiere, he described Ashley as a gal who would become one of the most talked-about girls for some time.

Harrison says that initially, viewers would think that Salter has it all. She’s got spirit, good looks, and charm, he says. However, soon everybody, particularly the bachelorettes, start to see a different side of her.

As viewers have seen, that is exactly what was happening in the most recent episode. At this point, while Ashley looks interesting and sweet on paper, so to speak, her behavior on the show has become rather perplexing.

In terms of her biggest date fear, this Bachelor contestant worries that she won’t have anything to talk about. Given how things have gone for her so far on the show, it would seem that Ashley typically can find things to talk about all on her own, though it’s a challenge at times for others to keep up with her or make their way onto the same page where she is.

Ashley loves when a date shares intimate conversation with her and she hates when he’s always on the phone. What would Salter do if she won the lottery? She says she’d help her grandmother and uncle, but she’d also buy some amazing Italian shoes.

As for what fictional character this bachelorette would want to be, she chooses Thumbelina. She says that this is her favorite childhood story and she loves that ultimately Thumbelina follows her heart. When it comes to favorite movies, Salter lists Seven Pounds, Sex and the City, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What does Ashley Salter think it means to be married? She says it’s the highest honor to a relationship and it signifies 100 percent commitment. It’s clear from Ashley’s Instagram page that she’s very close to her family, and that they spend quite a bit of time together. She has two brothers, one married, and her parents are still together.

Ashley Salter will be around for a bit yet on The Bachelor 2015 season, and it’s likely she will keep people guessing and rolling their eyes. Nobody is quite sure what to make of this bachelorette, and frankly some have been worried by what they’ve seen. Some fans have even questioned whether she might be a paid actress, as some of what she says and does is so outrageous. Other fans worry that there is something wrong with Salter, medically speaking, especially after her bizarre group date behavior in Episode 2.

As viewers know, though, the editing will focus on the juicy and bizarre stuff, so it’s hard to tell just how wacky Ashley really was during filming. However, the other ladies have been shown saying that she’s pretty out there. At the very least, many fans suspect that Ashley is getting roses in large part due to the producers wanting to keep her around for drama and entertainment more so than Chris Soules seeing a future with her.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Ashley Salter leaves The Bachelor “in a blaze of glory.” It seems likely to happen during one of the episodes filmed in Los Angeles, before Chris Soules and the ladies start traveling to new locations. She may not last long enough to get that final rose, but it does seem that she will keep people talking.

Will viewers, the ladies, and Chris ever figure out just what is up with Salter and her somewhat bizarre behavior? Right now, it’s all a mystery, but she’s definitely got people talking. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season airing Monday nights to see Chris Soules, Ashley Salter, and the rest of the bachelorettes for this wild season.

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