Mike Epps Direct Message: Comedian’s Wife Catches Him Flirting, Direct Message Thwarted?

Mike Epps was “almost” involved in a direct message exchange with another woman on Twitter until his wife caught him tweeting another woman!

According to Us Weekly, comedian Mike Epps was flirting with a woman on Twitter, and his wife, Mechelle Epps, decided to confront him — right on the social media site, for all to see. Mechelle’s response was pretty epic (it was just an emoji of eyeballs), and people could not help but make jokes about the way Mechelle handled the situation.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions.

Mike Epps asked to direct message the woman, as you can see in the tweets above. After Mechelle saw the tweets, the woman, identified on Twitter as @CeciCitra, revealed that she had been “blocked” by Epps. Totally busted.

According to E! News, neither Epps nor his wife have commented on the situation, but @CeciCitra is having quite a good time with the spot of internet fame that she is getting. She has been blowing up her own Twitter feed with some pretty funny stuff — and she has collected a couple thousand followers (to be fair, it’s unclear how many she had before all of this transpired).

She is so unapologetic, and it’s kind of awesome.

“i curved mike epps, who tf are you” – new DM auto-response

— ceciCitra (@CeciCitra) August 19, 2015

Mike and Mechelle Epps have been married since 2006. The two have two children, Maddie and Mariah. Epps has two children from a previous relationship, as well.

It is unknown if Mike Epps sent a direct message to @CeciCitra or if their exchange ended once his wife shot a virtual look in their direction. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a second woman came forward and posted direct messages that she says she received from Mike Epps. Mechelle hasn’t responded to those tweets with any epic emojis, but it certainly sounds like Epps has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Some people seem to think that Epps got caught cheating on his wife. Others think he may have being friendly. What do you think?

[Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment]