Great White Shark Leaps Out Of Water Chasing Seal Off Cape Cod Coast [Video]

A great white shark was spotted off the coast of Cape Cod, and the sight was pretty incredible. According to CBS Boston, the great white actually flew out of the water while chasing a seal. Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries was out on a boat at the time, working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory when he saw the shark leap out of the water off Monomoy, Cape Cod. The best part? He caught the whole thing on video.

Skomal said that he and the team were able to tag two white sharks that same day (both about 12 feet long), bringing the total of great whites tagged off Cape Cod this year to seven.

The great white shark wasn’t able to catch the seal despite his best efforts. Many believe that the increased seal population in Cape Cod has caused more white sharks to migrate there. However, as you can see, seals do put up quite the fight when they are being stalked by a predator. Many times the sharks win the battle, but in this instance, the shark was forced to find a meal elsewhere.

According to the Cape Cod Times, researchers were off the coast of Chatham looking for white sharks when they caught this incredible footage.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory is conducting a multi-year “population study” which focuses on white sharks in the New England area — mainly in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They have been tagging great whites in order to monitor their migration patterns.

“In conjunction with a spotter plane piloted by Wayne Davis, the conservancy sets out twice a week to document and tag the local white shark population, in an effort to determine how many of the predators call the cape home each summer,” reports the Inquisitr.

[Photo via The Atlantic White Shark Conservatory / YouTube]