Severely Abused Pit Bull Due For Facial Reconstruction Surgery [Video]

A severely abused pit bull mix who was found emaciated and missing half of her face has been taken in by a Florida rescue to help the poor sweet dog be rehabilitated. Despite all the dog has been through, she still loves attention from people. Her story can bring animal lovers to tears, as what she has suffered is so horrific. She was found after being dumped in a stranger’s back yard, a broken soul, and was reported to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando.

The experts believe that the dog endured unimaginable, extensive torture and abuse throughout her estimated two years of life. She was named Khaleesi. The young pit bull mix was found missing half her face and her lips, without a nasal cavity, and with immobile hind legs. And she weighed a mere 15 pounds, a mere shell of what she should be. It’s believed that she was systemically abused or tortured over a period of time because of the various stages of healing her injuries demonstrated.

Two days after her rescue, Khaleesi was taken in by the foster-home-based rescue, Passion 4 Pits Rescue. The founder, Stephanie Paquin, stated the following, according to Yahoo News. “It’s going to be at least six months of surgery before we can issue an adoption. Our focus is on getting her a nasal cavity because she’s in danger of aspirating whenever she eats or drinks something. Once her rehabilitation is complete, we will put her up for adoption and we will find a family that’s deserving of her love and attention.” Paquin added the following.

“So someone was systematically abusing, or in my opinion, torturing this dog.”

The evil person or persons who harmed the lovable dog have not yet been found. After being rescued, the emaciated pit mix gained an amazing 10 pounds in a mere nine days, showing what care can do for an abused animal. The veterinarian assigned to help Khaleesi recover is Dr. Kerri Slomcenski, the owner of Hays Towne Veterinary Hospital in Hudson, Florida.

She’s in for the long haul, because the dog has suffered from so many different injuries. The surgeries will be carried out over the next few weeks. She will give the pit bull mix a new nasal opening and will also assess her knee, rib, and spinal injuries. The vet stated the following according to ABC News. “The other thing is she obviously has some real deep facial abnormalities. We’ll have to take some teeth that are abscessed because they are exposed and be able to put the lips back together again…It shocks me every day that I can see how happy she is and how she just wants attention.”

Animal recue officers are investigating Khaleesi’s case. Donations to help pay for all of her treatments can be called in directly to Hays Towne Veterinary Hospital in Hudson, Florida, at (727) 378-9008.

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There is so much animal abuse in the news, some from active abuse and some from extreme neglect. In a recent case, two individuals have been charged with a class 4 misdemeanor of animal neglect after a dog died under their care at the grooming department a Petco, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook and Video Courtesy YouTube]