‘Destiny’ Crucible Getting Needed Changes Including Blink Shotgun Nerf

The changes coming to Destiny with The Taken King expansion and 2.0 update are both widespread and numerous. Bungie Design Lead Lars Bakken explained some of the changes coming to the Crucible multiplayer mode that reveals a much hailed nerf to the Blink Shotgun plus plans for mixing up bounties, playlists, and more for the PlayStation and Xbox shooter.

Blink Shotgun Nerf

Destiny - Trials of Osiris (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

As covered here for Inquisitr, the Destiny 2.0 update is bring a massive list of buffs and nerfs to the game’s weapons. One of the better nerfs coming is the range reduction on shotgun perks such as “Shot Package” and “Rangefinder.” Bakken also told Game Informer, “Blink is not going to be quite as good as it was before.”

How much Blink will get nerfed is unknown. That said, the range reduction for shotguns combined with a Blink nerf may effectively wipe out the common Blink Shotgun tactic used by Warlocks and Hunters that frustrates so many players and change the current meta-game that sees the dominance of the special weapon in PVP.

Playlists Buffed

Destiny: The Taken King Rift (PlayStation, Xbox)
Rift, one of the new gametypes in Destiny: The Taken King.

Another welcome change is how Destiny will handle the downtime between Trial of Osiris events on the weekend. The Elimination mode will be available during times when Trials isn’t around so that Guardians can keep practicing the popular game mode.

Meanwhile, three new gametypes are coming to Crucible – Rift, Mayhem, and Zone Control. Rift is a 6 versus 6 objective gametype similar to a neutral bomb assault mode. Player’s pick up a ball of energy in the center of the map and must “dunk” it in an energy rift in the opposing team’s base. Bungie will reward players with points for only making it part way, but there’s a death penalty if you hold on to the ball too long and let the timer countdown to zero.

Mayhem is exactly like its name sounds. This is another six versus six mode with increased grenade and super ability generation.

Lastly, Zone Control is similar to Call of Duty’s Domination mode with a team needing to capture control one of three points on the map. Points are earned by holding on to these points though and not by getting kills.

Don’t expect any changes to Combined Arms with the launch of Destiny: The Taken King. The vehicle mode is not receiving a refresh, according to Bakken, but Bungie is talking internally about an update for the mode.

Better Bounties and Crucible Quests

Destiny: The Taken King - Lord Shaxx (PlayStation, Xbox)

The new quest system will not be limited to just the PVE. Lord Shaxx will have bounties to give away. One example from the Game Informer video showed the Crucible Handler with a quest meant to help explain multiplayer gametype.

Bounties are getting a refresh as well. Bakken says there will be more Crucible bounties available that pay out more and will be relatively easy. Additionally, there’s an escalating level of weekly bounties that players can take on.

Other Notes

You can see some of the weapons, armor, and abilities by watching the Game Informer video and it will be posted here as soon as it becomes available on YouTube.

  • The new “Shadestep” ability for the Hunter Nightstalker was used repeatedly to evade attacks. We’ll have to see if this moves us from Blink Shotgun meta to Roll Shotgun.
  • A white Hive-like shotgun was seen along with some of the new armor in the pre-match animation.
  • Lord Shaxx’s inventory of items to sell includes a Ghost Shell. Like class items, Ghost Shell will give players a stat boost and special perk of some kind.

What do you think of these changes coming to Destiny: The Taken King for PlayStation and Xbox? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie, Game Informer,DattoDoesDestiny]