Wall Street Crash 2015: Conspiracy Theorists Stir Mass Anxiety Over Global Stock Market Crash After September 13 End Of Shemitah Year

Since the Inqusitr first reported on August 8 on a growing parareligious grassroots movement predicting a global stock market crash in the fall of 2015, other news outlets have begun reporting on the movement spreading quietly on the Internet.

The Inquisitr reported that a small but influential circle of financial market gurus and Judeo-Christian end-time theorists have been making mass anxiety-arousing predictions of doom that could lead to full-fledged financial market hysteria.

The financial market gurus are warning that we have reached the end stage of a financial bubble and that the bubble is about to burst, while biblical apocalypse conspiracy theorists are proclaiming with evangelical fervor that the inevitable burst will occur soon after September 13, the end the Shemitah year in the Jewish religious calendar.

Financial market gurus predicting a global financial market crash include David Stockman and Larry Edelson. The other group, consisting of Judeo-Christian eschatology preachers, such as Jonathan Cahn, claim that the month of September in 2015 has special biblical eschatological significance.

Tokyo Stock Exchange
The Main Trading Room Of The Tokyo Stock Exchange

Pointing to the recent crisis in China’s stock market as the signal, David Stockman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Reagan, proclaimed recently on CNBC’s “Futures Now” that the U.S. stock market is about to collapse.

Stockman, like other gurus predicting global stock market collapse, claims that the current financial bubble is about to burst with catastrophic consequences for the entire world.

Gerald Celente, a financial market trends forecaster, who reportedly predicted the 2008 financial crisis, declared that an “economic earthquake” will occur in September.

“You’re going to see a global stock market crash. There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil. You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”

Robert Bridge, a U.S. “investigative journalist,” whose articles “have been featured in… The Drudge Report, Russia Insider and Infowars.com,” published recently an opinion piece on RT, titled “Bad Moon rising: Americans bracing for September Shock.”

In the article, he highlighted the current apocalyptic predictions for the global financial market, citing Doug Casey, head of Casey Research, who accused the U.S. government of “building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions” through its quantitative easing monetary policy.

“With these stupid governments printing trillions and trillions of new currency, it’s building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions.”

He advised people against keeping money in financial institutions, saying, “Most of the banks in the world are bankrupt.”

The Inquistir reported that Larry Edelson, senior analyst at Weiss Research, predicted that global financial collapse will occur in October 7.

“On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100 percent confident it will hit within the next few months.”

Some believe that the predictions of global financial market crash on September 13 is part of a wider politically-motivated campaign by the far-right wing conspiracy theory movement, orchestrating systematically, the convergence of separate strands of the conspiracy theory movement’s predictions — asteroid apocalypse, Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm rumor-mongering, earthquake apocalypse, blood moon prophecies, and NWO-Illuminati/Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories.

The recent ramping up of global stock market crash predictions based of alleged biblical “prophetic keys” is the final strand of the ongoing convergence of the political conspiracy theory movement.

The Inquisitr warned in its earlier report that the ongoing financial meltdown mass fear-mongering campaign could — unlike the concurrently ongoing asteroid apocalypse doomsday fear-mongering — generate a catastrophic self-fulfilling prophecy scenario.

Stock Market
Stock Market Board

“Although the mainstream media has ignored the burgeoning parareligious financial meltdown apocalypse movement spearheaded by religious prophetic figures such as Jonathan Cahn, the social and cultural phenomenon is significant because it could generate a self-fulfilling prophecy scenario.”

“Mass anxiety about global financial collapse stoked by self-appointed prophets could lead to human actions that trigger to a self-fulfilling prophecy scenario. Widespread fears of impending financial meltdown could cause large numbers of people acting independently to take actions that cause the predicted meltdown.”

The biblical end-time financial meltdown apocalypse movement appears to have originated in the Judeo-Christian eschatological teachings of Jonathan Cahn, who has won large following among biblical end-time prophecy watchers with predictions based on the idea that September 13, the end of the Jewish Shemitah year — “the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle of the Jewish Torah” — marks the beginning of the period of divine judgment against America.

According to Cahn, author of the bestselling eschatological books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of The Shemitah, the Jewish Shemitah year, which ends on September 13 (Elul 29), is a Sabbath year when the ancient Hebrews were required under the Mosaic law to allow the land to rest from agricultural activity.

During that year, the nation of Israel ceased all activity related directly to planting and harvesting.

Noting a pattern of major financial crashes coinciding with Shemitah years — including 2008 — Cahn argues that because of national sin, the Shemitah year became a prophetic sign of divine judgment against Israel.

He claims that the sign of judgment in the Shemitah year now applies to America due to national sins, such as same-sex marriage.

“A great shaking is going to come to this land and to the world that will involve the collapsing of the American economy… and the removal of its blessings and prosperity.”

“For years, financial observers have been mystified why it is that all the greatest crashes tend to take place the same time of year — September to October. Do any of them take place at the end of the seven-year cycle of the Shemitah at the time of the wipeout and the answer is, ‘Yes.’ Every single one of them does. And the thing is the phenomenon is increasing. It’s intensifying.”

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