Girl Slices Little Finger Off On Metal Fence As She Tries To Enter Illegal Rave

A teenage girl had her little finger completely sliced off as she attempted to enter an illegal rave by climbing over a spiked metal fence.

The rave in Charlton in Southeast London was attended by thousands of teenagers. Police had decided not to shut the rave down but instead to control the party by blocking any further entrance into the warehouse.

According to witnesses, the girl was one of about 200 teenagers trying to climb the fence after police had blocked the gates at around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Carmen, 16, was one of the teenagers trying to scramble over the fence to the packed Facebook-advertised rave. She witnessed the girl losing her finger.

She told the Evening Standard: “Once I got over the fence I heard this really loud scream. It was such a shock. I turned around and she screamed she had lost her finger.”

“Everybody was freaking out. We were looking for it for ten minutes. She was screaming and inconsolable. Everyone was looking at the floor but a boy was trying to climb over the fence and said ‘Oh my god, it’s here’. About five people were filming it.”

“As she jumped over and let go her finger got swiped off by the fence. [The finger] was caught in between the three metal spikes. It was awful. People said it was like a horror movie. Some boy was sick because of it,” said Amber, another witness.

According to Carmen, police made attempts to calm the girl down, but she appeared to be in shock over her lost finger. The police also bandaged her hand and placed the severed finger in a bag while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

“Then it felt like about 20 minutes before the ambulance turned up. She was holding the hand that was bleeding and shaking a lot. There was blood everywhere.”

Another person who attended the rave told BuzzFeed News that when the girl lost her finger, “everyone was either laughing or screaming.”

The girl attended the rave by herself and entered the ambulance alone with her bagged finger.

The rave was reportedly organized by Big Vibes, which according to their Facebook, “runs big (strictly 16+) underground parties for all you true ravers.”

On Friday, the company’s Facebook page announced that over 4,000 people would be attending. Metropolitan Police are currently looking for the owner’s of the company.

“The organizers have shown a reckless disregard for the impact that an event like this has on the local community and for the safety of those attending,” said Chief Superintendent Chris Hafford.

“Officers from Greenwich Borough will be working with local partners to investigate offences linked to this event and prevent further events like this taking place.”

Nine people total were arrested at the party and taken into custody.

What do you think about teenagers attending large rave parties? Do you think more supervision might have prevented the loss of the finger?

[Image via BigVibes / Facebook]