Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Bash In Montreal: 18-Year-Old Kylie Had ‘A Few Cocktails’

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday celebrations continued in style in Montreal. Kendall Jenner’s younger sister flew from Los Angeles to the Canadian city on Sunday for the last in a series of birthday parties that began over a week ago with a Kardashian-Jenner family dinner. The Montreal birthday bash at trendy Beachclub was sponsored by InList, and it was a big one. Kylie advertised the news of her Beachclub party weeks ago, and the “club anticipated between 4,000 and 5,000 people” would be at the open-to-the-public event to celebrate with Kylie, and thousands more who couldn’t make it.

There was already a “large crowd of partygoers” waiting “eagerly” for the Kardashian youngest to arrive in Montreal and get the party started. Kylie built the anticipation by sharing updates on SnapChat throughout her trip from L.A. and kept it interesting with a variety of outfit changes.

Kylie was photographed at the L.A. airport on Saturday wearing a long sleeved, light gray minidress for the first leg of her trip to the birthday party.

Next, Kylie changed to a “relatively restrained” high-necked “tribal-print” mini for a flight in a helicopter, and the “final trek” in the red speed boat that delivered the birthday girl and her entourage to Beachclub. “This dress is everything,” tweeted QueenG.

For a meet-and-greet and the party itself, Kylie wore “white, studded crop top and matching pencil skirt.”

There were rumors swirling that Caitlyn Jenner might attend the party, and that fueled even more excitement for the “hundreds of screaming fans” who turned out to greet Jenner’s youngest daughter Kylie. Most of the partygoers had only a brief glimpse of Kylie though, as she was whisked away to the VIP area where a “lavishly stunning, multi-tiered” birthday cake awaited.

The 18-year-old could choose to enjoy her cake with a glass of something stronger than soda too since the legal age for drinking in Montreal is – you guessed it – 18. Earlier, TMZ reported that “so far Kylie hasn’t taken sip of alcohol,” even though no one would stop her. There was a lot of speculation that Kylie was planning to sip some alcohol in Montreal, and there’s even a Kylie Jenner Montreal themed birthday drinking game posted to Buzzfeed.

There are plenty of tweets circulating that show the youngest Jenner did have some drinks while in Montreal, and according to UK online mag Look, Kylie definitely enjoyed “a few cocktails.”

What do you think? Should Kylie Jenner have taken advantage of the low Montreal drinking age to celebrate her birthday with alcohol?

[Image via Raffi Kirdi / Stringer / Getty ]