University Of Alabama On Alpha Phi’s Deleted Sorority Video: ‘Video Not Reflective Of UA’s Expectations’

The new YouTube video titled “Alabama Alpha Phi 2015,″ as reported by the Inquisitr, certainly received lots of attention online after being criticized in an opinion piece on AI. The University of Alabama sorority frolicked around in the video that sought to recruit others to their sorority. That recruitment video from the Alpha Phi, Beta Mu Chapter had swelled to nearly 700,000 views on YouTube prior to that original video being removed.

The University of Alabama Alpha Phi 2015 recruitment video is still alive via copies of the video that were spread around online even before the Alpha Phi sorority deleted the questionable video. It had gained some negative press due to the lack of diversity shown in the video. Plus, the video was criticized and deleted from the Alpha Phi YouTube channel after charges of women objectifying themselves arose. Starting with the AI opinion piece and then the Daily Mail picking up on the Alpha Phi video, the attention for the “Alabama Alpha Phi 2015″ began to grow.

As such, the original video, which was uploaded on August 7 to YouTube and appeared very well done in terms of filming and editing, has caused the school to issue a statement over the melee. Deborah Lane, Associate Vice President for University Relations, spoke out about the controversy, according to My Fox Atlanta. She said that the video, which displays sorority members mainly having fun — but also dancing around in bikinis — wasn’t representative of the schools expectations.

“This video is not reflective of UA’s expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens. It is important for student organizations to remember what is posted on social media makes a difference, today and tomorrow, on how they are viewed and perceived.”

When comparing the University of Alabama recruitment video by Alpha Phi to other recruitment videos, they all seemed to contain similar themes, such as dancing around and having fun, lots of smiling — and blowing glitter. However, the specific controversial video might have contained scenes just a bit more raunchy and seemingly sexualized than the other recruitment videos. Those factors — along with the lack of diversity displayed in the viral UA video — made it a target for critics.

No doubt the fast removal of the video and the statement issued by the school means they just want the controversy to go away, and be forgotten about until the next story in the news cycle takes its place.

[Image via YouTube]