Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Spotted At Walt Disney World Today — Both Have Wedding Rings On

By now, everyone knows that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce since it was officially announced back in June. Still, they are showing that their children remain a priority as they were spotted in Orlando at Universal Studios on Saturday. On Sunday, Ben and Jennifer were spotted in Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World with their kids.

The couple was walking around Magic Kingdom with their three children and a horde of Disney Cast Members. A few VIP Cast Members led them around while some others made sure to help out and keep other guests to the side.

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Affleck, Garner, and the kids had been spotted earlier in the day in Fantasyland but were then seen coming off of Under the Sea-Journey of The Little Mermaid attraction. They then headed over to Dumbo, and that was when it was obvious that the children were a little tired in the Orlando sun.

Affleck picked up his son who had begun crying and getting very restless while Garner tended to their two girls. Shortly after, the family gathered themselves and rode Dumbo the Flying Elephant together.

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Funny enough, Ben Affleck was in Walt Disney World and wearing a Harry Potter shirt, which is a Warner Bros. property. His shirt had Sirius Black on it with a wanted poster for the wizard from the famous franchise. He also had on a black baseball cap and black shorts.

Jennifer Garner was in blue jeans and a white frilly top even though it was extremely hot outside. She didn’t seem to mind the heat though as they kept going from ride to ride.

On an interesting note, they both still had on their wedding rings.

ben affleck wdw wedding ring

It should also be noted that when spotted at Magic Kingdom, Affleck and Garner wouldn’t really be walking near one another. They would often be separated by five to 10 feet while each taking care of different children.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor flew to Orlando, Florida, on Saturday morning with his family to celebrate his birthday. They went out to Universal Studios on Saturday and enjoyed the day going to shows and riding the rides.

E! News had a source tell them earlier this month that “Jen and Ben are still in communication.” It’s said that they are “working through the separation for the kids and as a family.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may be going through a lot right now with the divorce and staying busy with their careers, but their kids obviously come first. They headed out on Sunday for a fun day at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and kept on celebrating Ben’s birthday.

[Images via Danny Cox / Getty Images]