August 16, 2015
Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Not Talking About Babies, Singer Reacts To Latest Dating Rumors

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may be one of Hollywood's hottest couples, but that doesn't mean the duo is already picking out baby names for future children.

According to an alleged source close to Swift, Taylor and Calvin have already begun to "discuss baby names" despite confirming their relationship only months ago.

The source tells Hollywood Life, "They have a couple of names in mind. Hunter for a boy, or Rose if it's a girl. They've both been rolling them around in their heads as they laugh about what the future holds."

The insider then explains that while the duo have discussed the possibility of children, they aren't ready to settle down quite yet.

"They are, of course, still incredibly loved-up, but as for kids, that's something they are going to wait on. There's no rush just yet, and certainly not before they would marry," the source explains.

Despite the claims, a source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop that Taylor is "rolling her eyes" at the latest round of rumors surrounding her relationship with Harris.

The source further explains that Swift is "so tired of the lies" and "not surprised anymore" at the made-up rumors plaguing her ongoing romance to the "Outside" DJ.

The latest rumor surrounding Swift's romance with Harris comes just weeks after Calvin debunked marriage rumors for himself and the "Style" singer.

When asked about his ongoing relationship with Swift, Harris revealed to KISS FM UK that he's having a great time with his new girlfriend, Us Weekly reports.

"It's going absolutely fantastic. It's interesting, because obviously there's different things written about it every day and even if we don't do anything publicly for a while, someone will make something up."
Harris continues, "For me, it could be a lot worse, and I'd still be insanely happy with her. So, I'm good with it."

In regard to the rumors surrounding their romance, Harris admits that they get "more ridiculous" by the week.

"It does get more and more ridiculous. From me apparently being allergic to cats, or Taylor and I are moving in together, or we're getting married next week. It's a lot, but you've just got to take it how it is."
Harris concludes, "On the other hand, real life is happening. There's a whole bunch of times where we've been hanging out and nobody's clocked it. It's not like every single time we go out, we get a photograph taken of us."

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[Image Credit: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris / Ian Gavan]