‘Longmire’ Season 4 Is Here: At Least The Trailer Is, And It’s About To Get Real [Video]

Longmire season 4 has arrived, in its 75-second form anyway, and anyone who was left breathless by the third season cliffhanger is about to be blown away. It’s hard to tell in the first trailer and the sneak peek that Inquisitr has for you below whether or not Branch made it out of that final episode alive.

You get one glance at him pointing a gun, but from the looks of things, it could easily be from a previous season as the teaser offers a mix of footage from past and current seasons.

You can read a bit more on the theory behind that in the spoiler section below. For now, have a look first at Netflix’s official teaser.

Not enough Longmire for you? You’re in luck because Netflix also snuck out a sneak peek showing a confrontation between Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) that goes along with the whole “It’s not that you come back; it’s how you come back” slogan powering this next run of episodes.

Have a look at that here, and be forewarned: after you watch the sneak peek, you’ll be entering POSSIBLE SPOILER TERRITORY.

Okay, if still interested in discussing the Longmire season 4 events, here’s what can be derived from IMDb. There is nothing here that’s going to ruin the fourth season for you, but there are some details that might give away a little more than you want to hear given the stunning way the show ended last August.

First, the issue of Branch Connally. When last viewers left him, his fate was up in the air as he went skeet shooting with his father, Barlow (Gerald McRaney). A look at the IMDb page shows McRaney with only six episodes to his credit, implying that viewers have already seen all there is of him.

You will notice that in the teaser, McRaney makes one quick appearance, but again, this could be from the previous seasons.

Bailey Chase, the actor who plays Branch, on the other hand, is showing in all 43 episodes — the first 30 of season three and this 13-episode run that premieres on September 10.

One could deduce from this that Branch managed to get the drop on his old man. However, that still leaves the issue of Jacob Nighthorse (A. Martinez), the possible culprit behind Mrs. Longmire’s death.

Will Walt make good on his desire for revenge? Not right away if that second clip above reveals anything.

Other issues: apparently Cady (Cassidy Freeman) and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) are both going through some dark places in season four, but there isn’t much known beyond that.

Again, to get answers, you’ll have to tune in when Netflix drops Longmire Season 4 on September 10. Will you be watching?

[Image of Longmire via YouTube screen grab, linked above]