Cordell Broadus Quits: Snoop Dogg’s Son Leaving UCLA Football To Pursue Film

UCLA’s four-star wide receiver Cordell Broadus quit the team as of August 14. The son of notorious “gangsta” rapper Snoop Dogg, or reggae rapper Snoop Lion, failed to show up for the fall camp and has officially made his decision.

It seems Cordell has his sights set on something his father has dabbled in on occasion. He wants to get into film. Being in the academic center of Los Angeles, he certainly seems to be in the right place to make the transition.

Some fans and internet critics aren’t as happy with Broadus’ decision to leave the jersey behind and take the stage.

One commenter on CBS News stated, “Yeah. It’s ridiculous for someone to want to make it on their own, and to be rewarded for their hard work…. Why work hard when you can coast on daddy’s money[?]”

Another said, “[I] don’t feel sorry for [Snoop], his son is an ingrate plain and simple. I hope he is not destined to be another rich rapper who sells his soul to [Satan] like his DOGG did.”

It’s obvious that some are blaming Cordell Broadus quitting UCLA football on simply riding father Snoop’s wealth. Others are hoping he won’t become another rapper using his fame to get onto the charts.

UCLA football coach Jim Mora is staying positive about Cordell’s decision, as revealed in his official statement.

“Cordell informed me yesterday that he has decided to pursue other passions in life, in particular his love of film through his company Film School Productions. Cordell is an amazing young man with many talents, and we wish him nothing but the best as he continues to pursue his degree at UCLA.”

According to Scout, Snoop Dogg had been pushing his son to get into football, but Cordell decided “to do his own thing.”

What do you think about Cordell Broadus quitting UCLA football to focus on film?

[Image via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]