Donald Trump Sets Record For Americans Disliking Him Personally In New Poll, Nearly 7 Out Of 10 Don't Like Him

Donald Trump is well-known for his use of superlatives, often claiming his accomplishments, real or imagined, to be "huge" or "the best." In fact, as The Inquisitr recently reported, Trump seems especially fixated on the size of crowds at his rallies, pressing aides after each such rally to show that his crowd exceeded the crowds drawn by musician Elton John at the same arenas.

But in a new poll released on Sunday, Trump set a new record in a category that will likely not become a subject of his boasts. According to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, as reported by NBC News, Trump now owns the record for being the most disliked occupant of the Oval Office in history.

Trump "is more personally disliked than any of his recent predecessors," while about half of American voters say that they are "uncomfortable" with the idea that Trump will be re-elected in the 2020 presidential election, according to the NBC News report.

The poll found a whopping 69 percent of American voters saying that they "don't like (Trump) personally." That includes 19 percent who say that they actually approve of "most" of Trump's policies — but don't like him anyway. A full 50 percent say that they don't like him personally, while they also disapprove of the bulk of his policies, according to the poll.

Barack Obama walks.
Getty Images | Chip Somodevilla
President Obama was widely liked by Americans, even many who didn't like his policies.

The 50 percent who say they both dislike Trump as a person and disagree with his policies, is also a record, NBC News reported.

The poll, whose raw results are available online via DocumentCloud, also includes results of the same question when asked in 2013 about then-President Barack Obama. The survey found that Obama was almost as widely liked as Trump is disliked — with 64 percent saying that they liked Obama personally.

That number included 28 percent — more than one of four — who said that even though they disagreed with most of Obama's policies, they liked him personally anyway. But only four percent said that they like Trump personally while disagreeing with his policy stances.

Trump's 69 percent who don't like him personally also reveals him as far more widely loathed than Presidents George W. Bush, who was disliked by 42 percent, Bill Clinton (41 percent), George H.W. Bush — who was perhaps the least-disliked president with only 19 percent saying they didn't like him personally — and Ronald Reagan (31 percent).

The poll also showed Trump with a 45 percent approval rating, slightly higher than his average approval rating across all polls as compiled by the data site

According to the average, 42.4 percent of Americans approve of Trump's performance in office, while 53.7 percent disapprove.