Padma Lakshmi Shows Curves In White Dress

Padma Lakshmi graced the red carpet at the Emmy's, and her dress designer, Christian Siriano, took time to show off his creation via his Instagram page.

The dress was completely white, and had an elegant cut. It featured a halter-style top, which gave way to a flowing skirt. Padma stunned in the ensemble, as she flaunted her curves.

The model hasn't shared a photo of the dress as an Instagram post, but has given fans a sneak peek through her Instagram stories. She posted a string of videos, which showed her getting ready for the Emmy's. This included shots of her getting her makeup done, all the way to the final stages when she put on her jewelry.

At one point, Lakshmi showed off her ring and sparkling earrings. The earrings were likely diamond, considering that she featured the song "Diamonds" by Rihanna. It was an upside-down triangle design, while her ring featured an abstract shape.

With that being said, it's worth noting that the dress designer, Siriano, is known for his time as a contestant on Season Four of Project Runway. He would later go on to launch one of the most successful careers in the show's history. He is currently serving as a mentor on this season of Project Runway, replacing Tim Gunn.

Christian's success is evident when keeping tabs on the celebrities that he dressed for the Emmy's this year. In addition to making Padma's white dress, he dressed Dascha Polanco, Nicole Byer, and Patricia Clarkson.

In other news, Padma has been keeping her fans plugged into her daily life with a series of posts. This included her newest picture, which showed her laying on her stomach on a sandy beach. The model and TV personality propped herself up on her elbows while looking into the distance to her left.

Lakshmi encouraged fans to caption the image, which led to plenty of creative responses.

"Relaxing at the beach with a full face of makeup and an entourage of seven...," said a fan.

"Caption: 'I wonder what he's making me for dinner?' BTW - what ever you would want - I'll make," said another fan.

"When your kid starts to put a handful of sand to their mouth so you dive to stop him but you're too late and you just say f*ck it and watch," said a follower.

"'Lady Shark' Do,Do,Do,Do,Do,Do," said another follower.

For now, fans can't wait to see if Padma will share more updates from her Emmy's experience.