4-Year-Old Girl Wanders From Daycare Center Into Traffic On Major Highway, Almost Struck By Dozens Of Cars

A Gainesville daycare is in hot water following a disturbing incident where a four-year-old girl wandered from the facility into traffic on a major highway. According to 11 Alive, the little girl was found on Highway 63 across from the Gainesville Academy. Three different motorists, including an off-duty police officer, noticed the little girl moving in and out of traffic, dodging cars traveling at an average of approximately 40mph.

The officer also stated that he saw the little girl standing near a median when he passed. One motorist stated that the little girl was almost hit by “as many as a dozen cars.” After hearing about the incident a number of local business owners were highly concerned, as most are well aware of the high volume of traffic on that particular highway each day. A local officer also spoke briefly about the incident, expressing just how fortunate the child is to be alive. “We’re very fortunate that the child was not injured or, even much worse, killed,” a local officer said.

Although the daycare has had very few minor violations over the past 15 years, it is unclear how the Department of Human Services will handle the incident. In the wake of the shocking incident, the daycare owner, Rob Skilling, has released a statement of apology, reports My Fox Atlanta.

Although he is happy that the child was not hurt, he admitted that he is well aware of the parents’ perspective and how they must feel about the facility they trusted to care for their daughter. “I’m not going to sugar coat this. This is bad, really bad and I realize how it looks to parents. I’m doing what it takes to make sure this kind of thing can’t happen again,” Skilling said.

The Department of Human Services is currently investigating the incident. No charges have been filed against the daycare owner.

[Image via 11 Alive Screen Capture]