Motorhead’s Lemmy Turns His Back On Jack Daniels: ‘And Coca-Cola Can F**k Off Too’

Like chalk and cheese, Laurel and Hardy or Tom and Jerry, Lemmy and Jack Daniels seem natural bedfellows, so it’s something of a surprise to hear that Motorhead’s main mouthpiece has turned his back on the old No.7 Brand.

Jack Daniels has long been the preferred tipple of any leather clad, long-haired, heavily tattooed, hard-rocking gentleman, but the Tennessee gold just doesn’t cut it with Lemmy these days

Like Keith Richards, Lemmy has long been a valued member of the hard-living, booze-swilling, and hell-raising club, but a number of various health issues caused by the reckless rocker’s lifestyle forced the Motorhead maverick to limit his alcohol and tobacco intake, and that meant giving up his trademark drink – Jack and Coke.

The Guardian reports that Lemmy has curtailed his nicotine habit to a pack a week, and the heavy metal hellion has also given up Jack and Coke in preference of vodka and orange to help with his diabetes.

Or as Lemmy so eloquently puts it, “I like orange juice better. So, Coca-Cola can f**k off.”

In the same interview, Lemmy admits that although he is now forced to walk with a stick because his legs “are f**ked,” he’s got no regrets when it comes to his legendary appetites.

“The chicks have been one of the great boons of being a rock star. You get all these birds fastening themselves upon you. And you get a lot of drinks and a lot of presents. So, it’s pretty good. You get everything for free.

“It has never been all about the music, but it has never been all about the rest of it, either. I didn’t really want to be in the lifestyle without the music. And I didn’t want to be in the music without the lifestyle.”

Casting his eye over his own mortality Lemmy reveals, “Apparently I am still indestructible.”

It has yet to be confirmed how Lemmy’s abstinence will effect Jack Daniel’s yearly turnover.

(Photo By Jason Merrit/Getty Images)