Texas Execution: Daniel Lopez’s Wish Granted, 10th Executed This Year In The State

Texas inmate Daniel Lee Lopez, 27, was executed on August 12, the tenth execution in the state of Texas this year.

Six years ago, Lopez was convicted of killing a Texas police officer, 47-year-old Stuart Alexander, during a high-speed chase. The chase happened during a routine traffic stop when Lopez evaded the authorities. The chase then ended up in a grassy area where Lopez was cornered. Instead of surrendering, Lopez struck Alexander with his SUV.

Cocaine was found in Lopez’s SUV, and he was on probation at the time of his arrest for indecency with a child. He was also a registered sex offender.

According to News, Lopez has been pleading the court to speed up his execution ever since his conviction. His lawyers argue that he is suffering from mental illness and does not realize the gravity of his request. Lopez, on the other hand, told a Supreme Court judge to ignore his lawyers so his execution will come faster. Lopez’s five-year wait is half the time inmates on death row typically wait before their executions.

Another reason for wanting his execution to be done sooner is benefits for his children. Reports indicate that Lopez has at least six children, and he hopes that with this execution, his children will get Social Security benefits.

On August 12, Lopez finally got his wish.

A group of bikers stood outside the Huntsville prison in support of the police during the tenth Texas execution. They revved their engines in solidarity, which could be heard inside the execution chamber, as Lopez uttered his final words.

At 6:16 p.m., Lopez was injected with drugs while witnesses sang “Amazing Grace.” Before his execution, he said his final words, reported NY Daily News.

“I hope this execution helps my family and also the victim’s family. This was never meant to be, sure beyond my power. I can only walk the path before me and make the best of it. I’m sorry for putting you all through this. I am sorry. I love you. I am ready. May we all go to heaven.”

At 6:31 p.m., 15 minutes after the lethal dose was injected, Lopez’s heart stopped.

One of the people who witnessed the Texas execution was Vicky Alexander, the widow of the officer Lopez killed. After the execution, she hugged police officers and made a statement.

“This has nothing to do with revenge. This has to do with the law.”

According to Vicky, the execution is against her beliefs, but she said that it’s also justice for her dead husband.

As Huffington Post reports, one of Lopez’s final wishes before his execution was to donate his organs.

“I’ve sat here for five years thinking of all the mistakes I’ve done and how I could do my part and give back to others. I’ve accidentally taken a man’s life and have thought on many occasions on how great it would be to give one or more back.”

However, Lopez’s organs cannot be donated, as the lethal dose that was injected into his body for his execution poisons the organs.

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